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The Bing exhibition. Magic of Toys, at the National History Museum of Romania

The Bing exhibition. Magic of Toys, at the National History Museum of Romania

The Bing exhibition. Magic of Toys, at the National History Museum of Romania
Period: December 6, 2012 - February 6, 2013
Visiting hours: Wednesday to Sunday between 09:00 - 17:00
Location: National History Museum of Romania
While waiting for the winter holidays, the National History Museum of Romania welcomes its visitors with a special exhibition that includes collection toys from 1895 - 1930, exceptional pieces from the patrimony of the Association of Old Toy Collectors.
We announce this, opening of the temporary exhibition "Bing. Magic of toys", Thursday, December 6, 14:30, lof the headquarters in Calea Victoriei no. 12, Bucharest. The opening will be preceded by a press conference attended by representatives of the organizing institutions - Dr. Ernest Oberländer-Tarnoveanu, general director of the National History Museum of Romania and Mr. Eng. Victor Ioan Tartacuta, president of the Association of Old Toy Collectors .

In recent years, the National History Museum of Romania has shown an increasing and constant openness towards the universe of childhood. Also as a result of a new vision regarding the role of the national history museum, as a place of social memory, taken as a whole, we also leaned on another great field - that of the female universe. The interest we have shown for the history of childhood in the Romanian space is reflected through the organized exhibitions, in partnership with a non-governmental organization - the Toy Museum Association, but also with specialized public institutions, such as: The National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti" (Bucharest), the Secuiesc National Museum (Sf. Gheorghe), the National Museum Complex ASTRA (Sibiu), the Ethnography Museum Brasov, the Neamt County Museum Complex (Piatra-Neamt) and the County Museum of History and Archeology Prahova (Ploiesti). Thus, the National Museum of History of Romania could present, on several occasions, to the general public and to the specialists a series of historical toys, period clothes and children's furniture, as well as historical photographs representing children, whether it was children's specific toys. from the country (Early childhood, in the country, opened between June and September 2012), or those from the city (Collection of children, opened between June - July 2011 and From Santa Gerila to Santa Claus, December 2011 - January 2012).
This time, we propose another exhibition dedicated to the history of toys - Bing. The magic of toys, realized in partnership with the Association of Old Toy Collectors. This is a very special exhibition dedicated to toys produced by the German company Gebrüder Bing (later renamed Bing Werke) in Nürenberg, a large company, which has opened a new chapter in the history of toys for all time. Started as a modest kitchenware product company, founded in 1863 by brothers Ignaz and Adolf Bing, from Nürnberg, Gebrüder Bing will launch toy production in 1880. The Bing brothers have proven that the production and distribution of toys can become a "job." serious "and profitable, a great deal, and the style of toys produced by their company," Bing style ", became the standard of this industry until the 1950s, when the plastics, newly invented and used on an industrial scale, will lead to another move. major in production techniques and general appearance of toys.
By their rarity, beauty, ingenuity and intrinsic value, the toys produced by Gebrüder Bing company were exhibited during the Bing exhibition. The magic of toys, are true masterpieces of this industry, as well as the European technology of the time. Their value is enhanced by the fact that most of the pieces on display are still functional, although some date back more than 100 years and have survived two world wars. Not less important is the fact that, often, the exposed toys are accompanied by their original packaging and the catalogs of sales and prices of the company, published before the First World War. The oldest toy present in the exhibition is a magic lantern with 12 glass slides, kept and displayed in the original box dating from 1889 and the "newest" toy is a 1930s hydroplane.
"The Bing exhibition. The magic of toys, it would not have been possible without the generosity of the members of the Association of Collectors of Old Toys, who agreed to make available to children from 1 to ... 99 years their "treasures", gathered not with few sacrifices and work for years. If this exhibition was born and completed in a record time, it is undoubtedly the merit of the engineer Mr. Victor Ioan Tartacuta, the president of this association, who not only launched the idea of ​​its realization, but permanently supported the efforts of the enthusiastic team, who worked on its organization "- Dr. Ernest Oberländer-Tarnoveanu, general director of the National Museum of Romanian History.
The Association of Old Toy Collectors in Romania was founded in 2011 by the collector Victor Ioan Tartacuta, president of the association - "This collection represents the sum of our efforts to pay tribute to the childhood, that magical period in the life of any man in whom we prefer to be. we enjoy the world around us, rather than questioning it.Our eclectic collection consists exclusively of toys belonging to the German company Bing, a prestigious family company in production between 1895 and 1930. Focus on Bing's activity we managed to build a relevant image of society and, in particular, the children of those times and to recreate this universe for our visitors. Through this portrait of childhood and through the exhibited toys we set out to contribute to the education of today's youth , portraying the history of the beginning of the last century from the perspective of a child. "
The exhibition is accompanied by a wonderful Romanian-English bilingual catalog that constitutes a scientific premiere in the Romanian museography, because until now there has not been presented a collection of historical toys, with all the technical data and with such a detailed and complete illustration.
The exhibition will be open between December 6, 2012 - February 6, 2013 and can be visited from Wednesday until Sunday from 9am to 5pm. The exhibition catalog will be available to the public starting with the opening day and can be purchased from the museum store.

Source: National Museum of Romanian History

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