Take care of the health of your family!

Take care of the health of your family!

According to statistics from Europe, it has been shown that the life expectancy of women is six years higher than that of men, all under the conditions of a moderate pace of life without excesses. But most women nowadays play multiple roles, and stress and daily activities can put unexpected imprints on their bodies.

Mothers, wives, women with a demanding career - all are prone to illnesses, due to environmental risk factors. Moreover, women must protect their loved ones. That is why doctors say that it is absolutely necessary for a person to do an annual routine check to prevent any health threat.

From now on, the professional services of the best specialists in the field are at your disposal! BluMed Clinic offers quality services, especially for children and women. Modern equipment and the professionalism we work with are just some of the elements of a successful medical setting.

Our mission is to ensure a correct assessment of the health status, providing an accurate diagnosis. Respect for patients, along with the quality of the services we provide and the responsibility with which we act, are just a few of the principles that guide us.

We welcome you in Calea Dudesti number 145, to convince yourself!

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