Product label, a must read

Product label, a must read

As a mom it is very important to buy the best products for your children. When it comes to the health of your little ones, compromising is excluded. That's why it's important to know exactly what you put in your shopping cart.

There are a lot of foods that look so appetizing that you can hardly resist taking them off the shelf. But these foods, most of the times, bring only the kilocalories of the body, without supplying them with vitamins, minerals or other nutrients.

When you are not sure about the product you want to choose, it is best to take some time to read the information on the label. The things you must follow when reading a label are: the validity and the warranty period of the product, its composition, the energy and nutritional content.

Once you have verified that the product has not exceeded its shelf life, you can go to the ingredient list. These are listed in descending order of the quantities used. Most times, the more products a product has, the more unhealthy it is. It is good to avoid as much as possible these kinds of foods, which do much harm to the body.

There are some items that, when they appear on the ingredient list of a product, it is better not to buy it. These are: additives, dyes, preservatives, natural flavors and potential allergens. Children are very sensitive and can develop allergies and food poisoning because of these ingredients.

Each food has a certain energy content that is measured in kilocalories. This content is reduced - when it is below 150-100kcal / 100g, moderately - when it is between 150-300 kcal / 100g and increased - when it exceeds 400-500 kcal / 100g. The products with low or moderate content of kilocalories ensure an adequate nutritional balance for your children, which determines a normal weight at each age.

When we check the nutritional content we must pay attention to the amount of sugar (passed to the heading of carbohydrates) and to the amount of fats (passed to the heading of fats).

Cheeses have a special way of displaying fats. It is done in 2 ways: a display of the fat content that relates to the dry substance (cheese remaining after dehydration of the product) and a display of the fat content that is related to 100g of consumable product.

If you follow this simple label reading approach you will definitely develop a healthy buying and preparation habit. Thus, you and your family will consume only the best and most nutritious foods.

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