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Why NOT put gloves on the newborn

Why NOT put gloves on the newborn

Many fresh mothers listen to the advice of older women and thus make major mistakes in the care of the newborn. One of the myths perpetuated over the last few decades is that the little boy needs gloves to keep them from getting cold or scratching.

Gloves for babies are not missing from the baby products stores. These garments appeared as a necessity dictated by the market. It was the parents who felt that the newborn's torso needs as much protection as possible, including the fingertips.

How baby gloves appeared

There are two reasons that dictated the appearance of baby gloves. First, they were designed to protect the newborn's body from the cold. Are they necessary in this case? We live in times when we, the adults, are the ones who can determine the optimal temperature of the room in which we live. If before the Revolution the temperature in the apartments reached during the winter even at 13-14 degrees Celsius, due to the fact that the thermal agent was supplied with exaggerated moderation, at present we can have 24 degrees in the room where the baby spends all day. So we have no reason to warm his gloves with the help of gloves.

Many babies have cold hands, no matter how hot it is in the environment. This is caused by the fact that the blood vessels of the newborn are very small and blood circulation is relatively low. Even with cotton gloves the gloves of the little one will remain cold.

Another reason why the gloves were used was the fact that the little ones have thin, very sharp nails that hurt their face. Well, even in the shops with special products for newborns there are delicate utensils with which you can cut the nails of the little one without fear that you could hurt him. So why cover his fingers instead of cutting his nails?

Why NOT put baby gloves on

Let us not forget that in the womb the children had two friends - their hands. They played with them, took them to the nose, mouth, and even sucked their fingers. Even after they are born, the little ones keep their habits. Basically, with the help of their own hands, babies calm themselves when something bothers them: they touch their face with their hands, they suck their fingers.

When covered with a textile material, the contact will be different and may become distressing for them. Basically, wrapping his hands with these cotton gloves, the baby is deprived of the opportunity to tactile explore what surrounds him. Fingers have a lot of nerve endings that help him discover various sensations: warm, cold, hard, soft, wet, harsh, fine.

There is also a huge risk. Baby gloves are small in size. This means that, unfortunately, it can happen that the little one pulls them from their sleeves and puts them in their mouths, eventually suffocating with them. In addition, some of the gloves for newborns are provided with a drawstring to hold them together. It can also present a risk of suffocation.

To avoid scratches, the best solution is to cut his nails. No matter how sick you seem, you need to shorten them. In the stores with products for newborns you will find scissors specially designed not to hurt the little fingers of the baby. You will also find nails tailored to the size of your little finger. Do not forget about the nail cells, because they will always remain clean corners that risk scratching.

There are parents who, out of fear that using the scissors risk to hurt the child, simply bear their nails, which is totally wrong and unhygienic. As long as you use products specifically designed for babies, you do not have to pose this problem. The nails have a clamp specially designed for the baby's small nails, and the forks - rounded tips and short blade.

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