Tips for a quiet holiday with children

Tips for a quiet holiday with children

Without a doubt, the holiday is the long-awaited and also the most planned moment, especially if we leave home with the little ones. However, any details we try to take into account, always occur unexpected things, such as a cold of the little boy on the first day of vacation.

Going home means changing the place your child is used to, changing nutrition, high mountain air or heat and sun more than usual. Therefore, one solution is to have a medical kit that you can make together with your pediatrician because he knows the medical history of the little one best.

Once the medicine kit is ready, you must be careful not to keep it in the sun, or in the trunk - where it is usually warmer than the rest of the car.

Fever can be one of the reactions to children who go on vacation for the first time. Among the medicines that could help you in such situations may be antithermic drugs, which are given depending on the age and weight of the little one, even up to the medical consultation.

Common may be nausea or dizziness, so-called "car sickness", in which case anti-vomiting drugs may also help. If you know your baby is dehydrating very quickly, or has problems with digestion, it is important to ask a doctor for advice before going on the road.

On vacation, like more than ever, children are very turbulent so that small accidents, bruises or spasms, are common in such situations, we align the little ones with many hugs, but the dislocations and muscular stretches will require more care. The first step is to help the little one to calm down, to try to avoid the sudden movements, during which time, on the affected area, as the case may be, you could apply a bandage, possibly even an ice pack. If you notice that the pains are not decreasing or even higher, or that the baby is moving harder, go to the doctor. No disinfectant solution for sores or wounds should be missing from your kit.

Moreover, if you choose an exotic destination, talk to your doctor first to check to what extent the length of the road and the conditions of temperature and humidity are appropriate for the age of the little one. It may be necessary to change your plans, or it may even be necessary to give your little one some specific tests and vaccines.

Pleasant trip!

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