Sweetie, the cook of your house

Sweetie, the cook of your house

In 13 years of working in the corporate environment, the lack of time has made me eat without feeding, eating on snacks and without taste. I was looking around, at work colleagues, with friends, and I noticed that many of them had an unhealthy eating behavior: they skipped meals, ate on the run and most of the time fast food. I always had the same excuse: I don't have time to cook, and at the weekend I was trying to spend it with other activities dear to me.

And then, the idea came to me naturally. Why not hire a cook, come to our kitchen and cook good food for the whole house? Thus was born "Doinita, the cook of your house!". To give authenticity to the concept, Doinita is an experienced cook, eager to help those concerned about how they feed.

We set the menu together with either the dishes you like or the ones you want to try. We always have some ideas at hand, if you are looking for something new. We have gathered various recipes and I can't wait to enjoy their taste.

You can buy the ingredients yourself or, if you are not too happy to go to the market, to the hypermarket to buy the necessary ones, we can do it ourselves.

Also, if you like to spend your free time with friends in a unique way, we can create a harmonious context with you as a pretext for cooking. We cook together a few dishes, we learn small tricks, we guide you along and the food is ready!

In addition, if you want to organize parties at home, we will help you with all the culinary preparations in your own kitchen. We cook foods of your choice and leave the kitchen clean.

When you have a kitchen for rent in your kitchen, the advantage is that you know what you eat and you no longer have questions about the hygiene of the preparation, the freshness of the ingredients or the quality. Eat healthy and have free time for yourself and your loved ones!

If you like the idea, you can find details on 0721.446.795 or email [email protected] You can get to know us better on www.bucatareasacaseitale.ro.

We provide service in every corner of Bucharest, including the surrounding areas.