How do you shower when you have a newborn baby? 10 minutes, described step by step

How do you shower when you have a newborn baby? 10 minutes, described step by step

The coming into the world of a child radically changes the life of the mother, but also of the couple. The time does not divide between day and night because you must always be in the grip, attentive to the wishes and needs of the little one. 5 minutes may seem like an eternity when you cannot calm the child, but it may seem like a moment when you have something to do, but you know that you must return to the little one.

In other words, nothing that seemed normal or easy before birth is no longer the same after you have a baby. Everything you do from now on is in line with the "on the go" principle. You eat on the run, when you catch a moment of peace, not when everyone else is sitting at the table, because you are busy giving your child something to eat. Clean up between two sleep periods of the little one, and then stressed not to gallop and wake up.

Not even the bathroom is what it used to be. After the baby is born you can say goodbye to long baths in the bath, with foam and aromatic essences that relaxed you after stressful periods. You have no time to pamper yourself. Stop allowing yourself to spend an hour in the hot water and listen to music as your thoughts fly in all directions.

Well, starting from this little frustration, a blogger from across the Ocean has made a kind of fun 10-minute drive trying to sneak into the bathroom to take a shower, while her little one is sleeping.

If you are a mother, you will surely find yourself in the following. If you are not yet, you are sure to have fun just trying to imagine this reality that those who brought children to the world live.

So, here, minute by minute, how the adventure of a mother taking a shower takes place ... quickly before:

Minute 1:

The baby sleeps in his crib and you decide that it is the perfect time to go in and take him to the shower. Said and done. You go to the bathroom and start undressing.

Minute 2:

In your mind the thought that the little one will somehow manage to get out of the crib and start the bus through the house. The fact that it is only two months old and it is impossible to do so does not even matter. You rush out of the bathroom, obviously, empty shotgun, and run to the bedroom to the baby's bed to make sure the little one is sleeping peacefully.

Minute 3:

You go back to the bathroom and release the water. You adjust its temperature and enjoy the shower.

Minute 4:

The baby starts crying. Stop the water and listen. Are you crying or do you think? You're not sure. Take your head out of the cabin and listen carefully. You think you just thought you heard him and continue the bath. Fill your body with a shower gel, wipe your hair and wash with the speed of light. Suddenly, the baby's crying becomes clear. You tell yourself: Now she is definitely crying. You don't know what to do faster. Put your hand on the hair conditioner, but wait! You didn't even shampoo your hair.

Minute 5:

The baby's cries become quite unbearable. Can you imagine that the little one already thinks that he was abandoned and that for a shower of several minutes you ruined his whole life.

Minute 6:

You turn off the water and you realize that it is total peace. Doesn't the child cry or even cry at all during this time? Does not matter. It's good, it means you have time to shampoo and apply balm. Turn on the hot water again.

Minute 7:

Another thought comes to mind: why is the child so quiet? Something must have happened. You shook your head from under the shower and shouted: Mom's baby, are you okay? The child will not answer because, as I said, he is only two months old, but what matters is. You're thinking: Oh, something bad happened!

Minute 8:

The baby starts crying again. You're thinking: God, thank you!

9th minute:

Stop the water and get out of the shower, running into the bare skin and with the water splashing on you. It was like sliding down the stoneware in the bathroom. You lift the baby out of the crib and say to him: My dear, I'm so sorry! I promise it won't happen again!

Minute 10:

Damn it! You realize that you have not rinsed well and that you still have hair balm ...

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