Giant Egg Painting Workshop in Bucharest Mall

Giant Egg Painting Workshop in Bucharest Mall

Painting workshop on "giant eggs" in Bucharest Mall

The first mall opened in Romania, Bucharest Mall, is hosting today, April 24th a.c., a giant egg painting workshop, organized in partnership with the Save the Children Organization.

The project is part of the series of events held in Bucharest Mall within Easter campaign "Style comes from the heart of the city" which will take place in the period April 19 - May 12, 2013.

"Egg laying is an important tradition for Romanians, which we want to continue in our shopping centers", said Roxana Dumitru, marketing director of Anchor Grup. "I thought of this event both from an artistic perspective, through partnerships with young artists and graphic artists, as well as from an entertainment perspective, transforming the malls into a pleasant place to spend time with family during this period," added Roxana Dumitru .

Bucharest Mall and Save the Children Romania Organization benefit from the support of the personalities of Andreea Raicu, Amalia Nastase, Andreea Esca and the team of The One magazine. Each guest will paint and decorate the four giant eggs to draw attention to infant mortality in Romania.

The graphic project of the giant Easter eggs to be exhibited in Bucharest Mall is signed by the plastic artist Vlad Turturica and the team Incubator 107, an active community of artists who daily hosts themed workshops in the Traian 107 mansion to encourage young people to discover their new hobby. in a non-formal environment.

The non-governmental organization aims to bring to the fore the possibility of redirecting 2% of the income tax until May 25, a.c., funds needed to carry out the campaign
"Welcome to the world." This aims to provide maternity and newborn sections in Bucharest, but also to develop parent education programs for disadvantaged communities.

For more details about the program of events organized by Bucharest Mall you can access the website and facebook page of the mall:

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