The benefits of music in the development of children

The benefits of music in the development of children

On November 12, 2013, the "Ariodante" Art School in partnership with the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest organized the event "Do you help your child discover the world through sounds?", Dedicated to the harmonious development of children through art. Speakers of the event - Iuliana Sgircitu, Dana Toma, Ana Nicolescu and Irina-Gabriela Besciu - discussed with the guests about the impact of art on children and gave them tips on how children can develop their musical ear.

Julian Sgircitu, the host of the event, piano teacher and general manager of the "ArioDante" School of Art explained the benefits of studying music by children, the best known being the development of the musical ear. Most music lovers say they don't have a musical ear, which is totally wrong: a person who says he doesn't have a musical ear means he doesn't hear the same thing from others.

"The problem should be viewed from another point of view, we could say that we are not all born with the gift of correctly tuning what our inner ear hears, but this can be educated if there is the skeleton on which the music rests - and that is - the rhythm! ", declares the host of the event.

The music helps to better coordinate the movements of the limbs, at the same time with the voice and auditory control. Another important effect is the development of a long-term, uninterrupted concentration.

For the little ones, music is one of the areas that implements elementary mathematical notions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Then, from a certain level, simple elements of physics and acoustics are introduced. All music stimulates self-knowledge, self-control or self-control and is one of the few areas that develops both hemispheres of the brain in a balanced way.

Dana Toma presented from her experience with children and from in-depth studies, which are the benefits for children if she listens, for a few months, to a foreign language and especially to music. She advised the guest to expose your children to music at least five times a day and presented a study that found that those who practice music from an early age have more connections between the two brain hemispheres than those who does not study music.

Ana Nicolescu or Mamica Urbana described what effect the music has on Mariucai, who goes to Learn with Music from the age of 6 months. "Now, after 2 years, it seems to me that she is musical, she keeps the rhythm on different songs (not just the ones at the time of music), she has a distributive attention, she responds with gestures to the genre demands: turn off the light, come here let's go, touch your nose, turn around, kiss me, hug me etc, because the hours of music and songs are in English. Prefer real musical instruments: xylophone, guitar, piano and not toys that mimic these instruments. he hears on television or radio symphonic music, and the piano calms her down. She shows a preference for certain musical styles, especially for ethnic music, music with a pulsating, shattered rhythm, accompanied by the tambourine or the bells. of which I am very proud and of which Daisy is responsible with her Learn with Music concept, "said Ana Nicolescu.

"Ariodante" School of Art was born out of the desire to support young talents, but also to support the initiative of all those who want to discover the language of colors and musical notes. Thus, Ariodante offers both children and adults a series of music courses (piano, guitar, violin or song, plastic art) or painting courses, as well as workshops on music history or theory.

Starting from the premise that the arts unite us and bring us all together, regardless of age or concern, ArioDante has created a pleasant, welcoming and friendly environment where young, specialized teachers, graduates of UNMB and UNAB carry out their activity. We have gathered here young artists who form a dynamic, passionate and creative team, so that the process of learning and assimilating information is enjoyable and efficient.