How do you alleviate the pain caused by colic to your baby?

How do you alleviate the pain caused by colic to your baby?

Colic is perhaps among the first adverse experiences that the baby faces in the first months of life. From a medical point of view, colic is defined as spasmodic abdominal pain.

Due to the insufficiently developed digestive system, colic is accompanied by symptoms and worrying manifestations for parents: screams, loud and unstoppable crying, irritability, agitation, strong redness of the face, lack of appetite, etc.

Colic seizures follow a repetitive pattern, always appearing at about the same time of day. Although they may appear at any time of the day, these uncomfortable pains occur more often in the afternoon or evening, and less in the morning.

The seizures erupt a few hours away from a meal and are quite strong in character. They can also appear at night, affecting the quality of the baby's sleep.

Unfortunately, doctors have not yet discovered effective ways to prevent colic attacks. However, it is considered that applying measures during meals and immediately thereafter could reduce the severity of the attacks and the frequency of these pains in babies. Some of these are:

  • If you are breastfeeding, be careful about what you eat, as some foods in your diet can influence the appearance of colic.
  • Make sure the baby is sucking properly on the breast, so that it swallows as little air as possible, and after each meal put the baby on your shoulder, to erupt.
  • It does not give the baby to pop more than it needs to. Overeating favors the appearance of these uncomfortable abdominal pains.

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