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Feroglobin, iron health for the whole family

Feroglobin, iron health for the whole family

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrition disorder worldwide. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion people suffering from iron deficiency. Deficiency of this nutrient results in iron deficiency anemia that occurs in all age groups. Children and women are predisposed.

In most cases, people experience: fatigue, irritability, apathy, low ability to concentrate. These are due to the proper neoxygenation of the tissues because iron interferes in the structure and function of hemoglobin, respectively myoglobin, compounds that ensure the transport of oxygen to tissues.

In children, iron deficiency can decrease school performance, affect behavior and physical development, impair immunity.

Iron deficiency anemia installed in the first years of life has long-term effects. Children who were anemic in the early years of life, have delayed psychomotor development, and at school age, have poor performance, speech delay, motor and coordination disorders, and a lower IQ with 5-10 points.

Another group of people prone to anemia and iron deficiency are women. They can feel fatigue, lack of concentration, memory, are prone to infections especially in the cold season.

There are many women who suffer from iron deficiency due to menstrual losses and restrictive diets to lose weight.

Therefore, a dietary iron supplement with high absorption is required.

Feroglobin contains iron to supplement the diet with this important element, but also complex B vitamins, folic acid that helps to correct other types of anemia.

The 2 forms of presentation: syrup and tablets, make it useful to the whole family. Feroglobin is gentle on the stomach and does not cause gastrointestinal disorders with major constipation. The syrup has a pleasant taste of honey and easy way of administration.