The diseases of the child betray the problems of the parents

The diseases of the child betray the problems of the parents

The relationship between parents is always reflected in the health of the child. The diseases that the child frequently suffers from do not always have medical or pathological causes. Often, his symptoms are psychosomatic - physical or medical manifestations that appear on a fragile psychic background, caused by scandals, misunderstandings or tensions between parents. This is when and how parents' problems affect children's health!

Children's diseases - psychosomatic manifestations of conflicts between parents

It goes without saying that happy parents always have strong and healthy children. It's about the "mirror" effect. The health of the children reflects the relationship between parents and vice versa. In other words, the child is the one on whom the emotional problems between the parents always go. He becomes the "symptom" of the emotional tensions between the two.

Let's take a hypothetical example. If you have a relationship with your partner sprinkled with quarrels, misunderstandings, scandals, screams and tensions, it is very possible to find that you have a sick child - it always hurts your head, belly, feels bad, infections often, suffers from frequent viruses and so on Even if you tend to blame the weakened immune system, poor nutrition, or other likely causes of these common health problems, you may not be looking for the right place.

Look deeper and you will find that the little one does not have a pathological condition - with pathological causes - and that drug treatments may prove useless for their healing. His manifestations are the way he reacts to the tense situation in the family. They are called psychosomatic symptoms.

Psychosomatic symptoms it is the way in which the child sends an important message to the parents: the one who suffers and is deeply affected by the tense family situation in which he or she is helpless. Sometimes, the child does not know or can not express in words the feelings that try in such situations. Therefore, his answer is somatic - in the body various illnesses or diseases are triggered, amidst the emotional tensions caused by the quarrels between parents.

Parental conflicts affect the physical and emotional health of children

The baby empathizes with his mother's condition from the womb and reacts accordingly. After birth, the children take on the mood of both parents. Even though many parents try to hide the tensions between them and often hide or picture in a happy family in front of the child, the little one is difficult to fool. Even if he does not witness some tense situations, the child knows and feels when something is wrong with one of you, especially the mother, with whom he has a special attachment relationship.

The child quickly perceives the tension and emotional strain of the parents, and his emotional and physical condition suffers. The child accumulates tensions, disorders, worries and expresses them through illnesses and health problems.

Divergences between parents lead to constant illness of the child, the same conditions do not always appear. When there are serious conflicts and problems within the parenting couple, the child does not receive the attention and affection he needs daily in order to grow and develop harmoniously. In those moments, the disease is the way in which the child draws attention to him and by trying to sound an alarm signal to the parents.

Before trying all possible and impossible treatments to treat your child's common ailments, try to "treat" your couple's relationship. Look first inside your couple, solve your problems, reach an understanding. You will see how your child's condition is improving considerably. It will turn from a fragile, sick and sensitive child, into a healthy, strong and happy child.

Have you ever noticed that the times when your child became ill often coincided with the same times when your couple relationship was rattling or there were disagreements between you and your dad? Do you think there is a connection between the health of the child and the problems of the parents? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!