7 embarrassing questions about health and their answers

7 embarrassing questions about health and their answers

If you have ever been curious about certain strange things that happen to your body you must know that there are others in the same situation. And if most of those who are crushed by embarrassing questions do not dare to ask a doctor, but rather do a search on the net, it is important to know that not all the answers are found there.

We will continue to try to summarize the main embarrassing questions that you may have ever asked and to offer some answers.

1. Why do some foods cause me gas?

Boiled beans or roasted Brussels sprouts bubble and cause gas. Everyone knows this and that's why many people are reluctant to consume them. But what is the reason that leads to such unpleasant symptoms? On the one hand, the presence of some enzyme inhibitors, on the other, bacteria and fermentation. In addition, beans also contain carbohydrates that are difficult to break down.

After these foods transit the stomach, the bacteria in the intestines complete the digestion, producing gaseous compounds such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and methane. The foul odor of gases may be the result of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and ammonia resulting from the fermentation of incompletely digested and rotting foods in the colon.

2. Why do men have nipples?

Each embryo that begins to develop in the womb has the female sex. In the first 6 weeks the embryo develops undifferentiated, only then do the sexual characters begin to manifest. Basically, in the first weeks of intrauterine life all organs, including the nipples, develop. Only later, after the appearance of testosterone, the male hormone, in the case of fetuses with the Y chromosome, is transformed into sexual organs.

3. Why do I lose urine when I make an effort?

A quarter of women suffer from urinary incontinence. But there are cases where, occasionally, it is possible to escape a little urine when you laugh with lust, sneeze or cough, or when you jump. Basically, you put pressure on the bladder, and the sphincters do not have muscles strong enough to completely block the urine at that time, so a small leak may occur. Kegel exercises, a few times a day, can help you the most.

4. Why do my toenails yellow?

In summer, not only manicure should be done carefully, but also pedicure. And just because you're starting to walk around with your bare feet in sandals, you might notice that your nails have turned yellow and look ugly. The excessive use of the nail polish could be the fault. Try not to use it for a while and let your nails grow without applying any more products. In no more than two months your nails will renew. Some people have more porous nails and are thus more prone to migrating pigment inside the nail. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a base before applying the peel.

5. Why do I come to cry after having sex?

This is especially true of women, but there are also men who cry after a love affair. The disorder is called post-natal dysphoria or sadness accentuated by sex, which is a manifestation of apathy that can lead to depression and anxiety.

It is, in fact, about a release of the tension accumulated during orgasm. In addition, during sex, emotions can be so intense that they overwhelm us. So, in addition to the state of physical arousal, we also express ourselves emotionally through these kinds of reactions.

6. Why does my mouth smell even if I don't have cavities?

You have to know that unpleasant breathing is not only about hygiene, but behind it can hide serious diseases such as cirrhosis or diabetes. For example, in the case of liver cirrhosis the odor is that of ammonia, due to the lack of gastric acidity that no longer neutralizes the microbes. Also, the consumption of red meat in large quantities can be a possible cause and not to mention the combination of alcohol and tobacco.

7. Why do men have erections in the morning?

Morning erection is perfectly normal and should not scare any man. Specialists claim that a healthy man has between three and five erections at night, regardless of the dreams he has. These are produced by nitrogen oxide. The substance is released into the blood vessels and leads to muscle relaxation and blood vessel dilation, both of which cause erection.

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