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How to eat healthier in 2013

How to eat healthier in 2013

Tell us what diet goals you set for yourself in 2013 and we tell you how to reach them easier by the end of the year! Do you want to eat less fat, lower your caloric intake, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and manage to eat less and more often? No problem! Here are some effective tricks for all these problems that you face, but also for others, which will help you turn healthy eating into a permanent lifestyle!

Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Do fruits and vegetables not fall into your favorite foods and you hardly manage to integrate them into your daily diet? If you have proposed that in 2013 to increase the intake of these foods in the diet, find out that you can, without sacrificing your culinary desires very strongly:

  • integrates fresh fruits and vegetables into salads, shakes and juices, if you do not like to eat them in a natural state;
  • Prepare the soup-cream vegetables, turn them into mashed potatoes and add them to sandwiches, pizza, omelets and other cooked foods.

Give up unhealthy snacks at the office!

Do you think that work has become a culinary environment harmful to your health and silhouette? Do you tend to snack a lot of unhealthy snacks in the 8-9 hours of work? Here's how to get rid of this harmful habit:

  • do not keep such snacks on the desk (if you do not have them in front, you will not crave them) - keep them at least 1.5 - 2 m away from you - the farther you are, the longer you will be a little tempted to consume them;
  • invades the office with healthy snacks; if you no longer keep harmful snacks on the desk, it doesn't mean you won't crave something to snack on; therefore, it is always good to have a fruit, a carrot, a yogurt, etc.

Make smart choices when eating out!

Does eating in the city, at the restaurant, tempt you to always choose the most caloric and unhealthy dishes? There are a few rules that can quickly get you out of this mess:

  • it never takes you hungry to the restaurant;
  • requires only the menu of appetizers and salads and does not even take a look at pages with high-calorie preparations;
  • bypass the fast-food restaurants or restaurants where there are no or too few variants of healthy dishes.

Have breakfast every day!

One of the most important goals related to nutrition, in 2013, is to make breakfast a daily habit? The main reason why most people do not eat breakfast is the lack of time. But this is a pretext that can be easily solved.

If you do not have time to have breakfast at home, pack it and eat it at work. A large and healthy breakfast does not require much effort. It's enough to eat a yogurt and a fruit or cereal stick to ensure the energy you need.

Eat a little and often!

Do you always tell yourself that you don't want to overeat until you refuse? It is a healthy goal, which you can implement with great ease. Many moms have the impression that if they split their daily calorie intake into two copious meals, they solved the problem and ate healthy. It's a mistake, say the specialists, who claim that this habit encourages the accumulation of extra kilos and digestive problems. Not for nothing the recommendation of nutritionists is "eat little and often".

By adopting such a principle in your eating behavior, you will be able to have a healthy digestion, lower your daily calorie intake and forget what your hunger sensation means. By consuming food in small and thick amounts, your stomach is almost always full and you no longer have the hunger sensation that often causes you to overeat and then have remorse. So, learn to always have a healthy snack after you and avoid spending more than 2 hours without eating anything.

What are your goals for food this year? Do you have any plans in this regard? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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