At the pot, without training

At the pot, without training

My daughter is 3 years old. And she's still wearing a diaper. And we weren't stressed about it. I know - I read a lot of specialized articles, signed by trusted specialists - that this is the best solution. I feel like I chose the right one.

The fact that he still wears a diaper does not imply that he does not know how to do it in the toilet (with gearbox) or in the pot. He knows how to ask. He knows how to wear panties. He realizes he's peeing or pooping. He can postpone the moment very briefly. It just doesn't want every time. Sometimes he doesn't like it. I have no problem. I believe that what is happening is our normality and it is enough for me that she feels safe.

The most efficient method for potty training

I recently read in an article about the most efficient method for potty training. My soul went. Because the article was in English, the advice sounds like this and it is just a word: DON'T. Or, the author said, if you prefer another word: WAIT.

That's how we chose it. No pressure, no stress on either side.

Do you want to do the pot? Not. Ok!

Do you want panties or a diaper? Diaper. Good.

Now that it's summer, she chooses how she wants to stay - naked, with panties or a diaper. I just tell him that if he is diapered he can tell when he pees, that he has to go to the pot. About a month ago, I asked her two hours if she didn't pee, if she didn't sit on the pot, she drank a lot of water, etc. She is already announcing me and resisting until she reaches the pot. It is clear that she is increasingly ready to give up her diaper.

Sometimes I see that it is more comfortable with a diaper. He plays and suddenly asks me:

- Did I have a diaper?

And she is happy that she does not have to interrupt her activity. Sometimes, when he is in his underwear, he has accidents. "I forgot I didn't have a diaper," he tells me. Or take it by play and completely ignore the signals.

Outside or at night it is still with a diaper, from the beginning. We are not yet in this step and I do not want to force. Drink plenty of fluids, sometimes a cup of milk before bed, and in the morning the diaper is full. I took them outside portable oil, can also be used as reducing, but for now it is in stand by, until it is ready. As a parenthesis, if you are thinking about taking it, I recommend that you find an alternative solution to the special bags that cost a fortune.

The child will make it to the pot when it is ready

The unanimous opinion is that the decision to make the pot must be the child's decision. He has control over the situation, he knows it very well and it is a perfect opportunity to show him that we trust him, that we respect his decisions. The more the passage is made from the child, the easier and more natural the adaptation. Without accidents, without reproaches, without feeling ashamed, without constipating days in a row, of stress.

When she announces that she doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore, then it will be the day we give up. Until then, we adapt to her mixed style. And we wait patiently, without nerves, without unnecessary stress.

Yesterday I washed the dishes in the kitchen and she played in the room. Suddenly there is complete silence from her area. I stop, I go to see what he does. He was sitting on the pot. He didn't tell me he was peeing, he just stopped playing. It's ok, we're on the road we need to be.

I have a 3 year old girl with zuluf, for which my name is Mommy. For my husband I am Dana. I write about our life, what I learn and discover, with good and bad, light and heavy, on modernmother.ro. You can also find me Facebook Modern Mother.

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