LaLaLaDoDo show, Ion Creanga Theater

LaLaLaDoDo show, Ion Creanga Theater

LaLaLaDoDo show, Ion Creanga Theater

The Ion Creanga Theater returns to the LaLaLaDoDo show, dedicated to children between 1 and 3 years old

On January 18, from 18:00, Ion Creanga Theater is waiting for the very young, along with their parents or grandparents, at the show "LaLaLaDoDo". The representation, addressed to children between 1 and 3 years old, tells the fascinating story of sounds and friendship.

We resumed the show "LaLaLaDoDo" after a break of more than three years, during which time I, as well as my colleague, Oana Rusu, became mothers. The fact that we play now for our girls, and they react exactly as we thought the audience will react, gives us immense satisfaction that the show reaches its purpose, that the message gets where it needs to be and that we had a good intuition.

"LaLaLaDoDo" is part of the Early Education program. Theater for 0-3 years, initiated by Cornel Todea, in 2005, the show is also included in the European Small Size project, of which Ion Creanga Theater is part.

Now, more than ever, I realize the major importance of continuing and developing early education programs, with all the branches they involve, both in the country and in the world, and I am glad that Ion Creanga Theater is involved in providing shows suitable for the smallest of the spectators, that develop their interest in art from the earliest ages, says Carmen Palcu Adam, actress of the Ion Creanga Theater.

From the distribution of the show "LaLaLaDoDo" are the actresses Carmen Palcu Adam and Oana Rusu, directed by Danielei Andrei, music performed by Bogdan Burlacianu.

We are waiting for you with the little ones at the Ion Creanga Theater, to (re) discover the childhood stories together!

Source: Ion Creanga Theater

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