ADDA launches I take care of ourselves, a dedication for future mothers

ADDA launches I take care of ourselves, a dedication for future mothers

ADDA and release the song "I care about us", an emotional song that urges future mothers to be responsible and not to consume alcohol during pregnancy. The song has a special orchestration, being built from the sound of baby beats from the belly of future moms.

"I am glad to be part of this wonderful project, especially since I became a mother and I know what caring and love for my child means. I never made excesses, with nothing, and when I became pregnant I realized that I am 100 % responsible for the life that grows in me. All the decisions I make in life, I make them thinking of my child. Because I want to be good from all points of view. And I want to be an example to him. we do not want, children are the mirror of parents, "ADDA declares.

The play is an exhortation to empowerment, dedicated to future mothers. "I take care of ourselves" was launched on Wednesday, October 11, on the ADDA Official YouTube channel and on the platform About and is part of the campaign # 9cu0 (9 months with 0 alcohol), which, together with experts, specialists and personalities, including Dana Rogoz, draws the attention of future parents to the high risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

"I am very happy that I am the ambassador of the campaign # 9cu0 and that through my actions I can help to get the message" 9 months with 0 alcohol "to reach as many future mothers as possible. For example, together with my colleagues from the Godot Theater, I succeeded to reach out with the message of empowerment to over 1,600 people who came to see the play 30+ and continue with this endeavor. "said Dana Rogoz, referring to other actions within the campaign.

Alcohol consumed during pregnancy can have serious consequences on the baby, but also on the mother. Possible risks include miscarriage, premature or delayed birth or serious baby development problems. Research conducted in a pilot community shows that over a quarter of the women participating consider that a small amount of alcohol consumed occasionally, during the 9 months of pregnancy, does not harm the mother or the future baby. Through the campaign # 9cu0, the platform About aims to change this perception.

"I am honored that ADDA and the DeMoga Music team have enthusiastically responded to our invitation to convey such an important message through music. Over time, we have made considerable efforts to reach this message to as many future parents as possible. convinced that with this song we will be able to contribute to informing more parents and to prevent the risks that may arise in the future babies, "said Robert Uzuna, Corporate Affairs Director Ursus Breweries.

"I take care of ourselves" is produced in the DeMoga Music studios by Marius Moga and Marius Mirica. The music and lyrics are composed by Marius Moga, Marius Mirica and ADDA, and the video is directed by Codrin Roibu.

More details about the campaign # 9cu0 and about the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be found by accessing the platform About, developed by Ursus Breweries. In 2013, the company launched an information campaign about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy. In 2015, the campaign was extended both to the level of responsibility message placed on its products, as well as through different activities and information materials distributed throughout the country, within the campaign "9 months with 0 alcohol".