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Learn to have a healthy baby! November 30, 2013

Learn to have a healthy baby! November 30, 2013 together with Dr. Ana Culcer, pediatric primary physician, invites parents, on Saturday, November 30, 2013, from 10am to 12pm, at the National Children's Palace, the small room at the free medical event: "Learn to have a healthy baby! "

During this meeting, two topics of interest will be discussed: "Digestive problems in children", the topic advocated by Dr. Ana Culcer and "Stomatological problems - orthodontic solutions", the topic supported by Dr. Marinela Ciocotisan, dentist - orthodontic specialist.

The second part of the event benefits from the session of questions from the participants and answers from the invited specialists with tips and solutions regarding the health status of the little ones.

Admission is free, but is made only on the basis of a confirmation at the email address: [email protected] or at the phone numbers 0728.985.797 / 0769.058.760.