Delaco cheesecloth with cream

Delaco cheesecloth with cream


4 small tomatoes

1 box Delaco Something Fine Creamy with garlic

12 olives

biscuits made from whole wheat flour

Method of preparation

We know that little ones like snacks decorated in animal form, so I have prepared something very nice and tasty: cheeses with cheese!

To prepare these juicy marmots, you have to wash and cut the tomatoes in half, in length. Then clean the core and fill them with Delaco Something Fine Cream with garlic.

On a platter, place dill leaves and biscuits made from whole wheat flour. Place the tomatoes stuffed with the cut on the biscuits and start turning them into marmalades.

At the head post we will use an olive and draw the eyes using cheese cream.

We will obtain the marmalade buns using the small pieces of olives.

Doesn't that look so cute? They are delicious, not just beautiful!

Good appetite!

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