Mexican salad

Mexican salad

The Mexican salad is a perfect food that you can meet the guests especially during the times of fasting. It is prepared very easily and quickly, and its aromas are lovely.

Preparation time

70 min




200 g beans

150 canned red beans

1 green pepper

1 hot red pepper

1 red pepper

2 lama

1 tablespoon of sugar

100 g corn

1 parsley bond

salt and red pepper

1 teaspoon of vinegar

Method of preparation

Put the white beans to the boil for at least 40 minutes. It passes through a stream of cold water red beans and corn. Wash the pepper well, then cut into thin slices and mix with the beans and corn.

Separately, in a medium bowl, mix the sugar with honey, juice and peel from the lemon, oil, vinegar and parsley and pour this mixture over the beans. Serve cold Mexican salad with croutons.

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