Want to post a picture with your child on Facebook? Think it over!

Want to post a picture with your child on Facebook? Think it over!

Social networks are part, more than ever, of our lives. We like to post pictures that show us in different situations. We want to share as many moments of joy with friends, and social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are the easiest and fastest way to do this. Post a photo, receive a lot of likes, comments start to flow ...

There are no missing from social networks either pictures with babies and children,surprised in different funny hypostases, which bring smiles and happiness.

It is important to protect the image of children in the online environment, because the pictures can reach the pages of people who do not trust, through a simple share. Images with our children can be stolen and then used for some fake humanitarian campaigns by pedophiles or they can even be found on child pornography sites.

Parents need to be very cautious when it comes to photos with little ones. You don't have to make your Facebook page a place for kids to post pictures after pictures of them, but you have to be careful about what you post.

What images should NOT be posted on Facebook

• Do not post nude photos with the child, no matter if you make them an evening bath or if you are at the beach, no matter how cute they look. Specialists warn that they can get into the possession of unscrupulous people. However, your child may ask for your reckoning when he or she grows older for the pictures you post, because he or she may feel ashamed;

• beg relatives or friends who took pictures with your children not to post them on social networks. If you still post them, be careful not to take the public photos, but to put them in a restricted album, which you can only see;

• Do not post photos in which your child is caught in hypostases that could affect him emotionally in some way (when you quarrel with him or when he made a fool or make a joke about him)

remind yourself that you have to be very cautious when posting information about your child on Facebook (he doesn't give details about the school where he is learning, his daily program, he doesn't give details about the times when he leaves home. )

• Be careful not to post comments about your child's personality, which could make him in any way vulnerable (he does not say that he is afraid, that he is scared easily, that he is lonely or that he likes to socialize), because they can reach doubtful people.

What you can do for the safety of your child

• you can create a restricted album, containing pictures of your children to post on Facebook and only see the people you nominate;

• you can restrict your Facebook profile so that your photos and posts are not public, but only viewed by those on your list;

• if you want your friends or other family members to enjoy a funny picture with your child in a bathing suit or nude, you can send them only their pictures, via email;

• Be very vigilant and make sure you have in the list of friends only people you know, if you know that you post on Facebook pictures of the child or have posts about the child;

• use all safety precautions when posting photos of your child;

• If your child has reached the age when he understands what a social network means, do not hesitate to ask his permission when you want to post a picture with him. What may seem innocent and beautiful to you may be embarrassing to him.

Think about the picture can be seen by a classmate, which he doesn't like. Always put the needs and wishes of your child first, then only yours, so that your child is safe.

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