My baby is not moving. How to motivate him to do more sports?

My baby is not moving. How to motivate him to do more sports?

In the age of smartphones and information technology, game consoles and fast food, kids forgot to play outdoors. Sedentarism is directly associated with an increasing rate of childhood obesity. In Romania, 3 out of 10 children and adolescents are overweight and 8% of them are obese. This explains why I get to suffer from diseases specific to the third age since the youth years.

Sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 41 million children worldwide are overweight. Romania, on the other hand, occupies a worrying European place in the top 3 countries affected by the phenomenon of childhood obesity. Among the factors that support this scourge are the long time spent in front of the computer, to the detriment of sports activities, as well as the increasing exposure to advertising messages that advertise unhealthy foods and soft drinks.

Doctors warn that eating high in carbohydrates, sugars and unhealthy fats has led to an alarming increase in cases of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure or ischemic heart disease among the young population. At the same time, more and more teenagers and young people are diagnosed with metabolic disorders, characterized by metabolic syndrome and type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Overweight also affects sexualization, inevitably leading to growth disorders. Boys become more sexually mature and incomplete, while girls are affected by early puberty.

Sedentary children may become sedentary and sick adults

Sedentarism among children is a major risk factor in the development of serious chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, depression or bone system disorders.

At the same time, children who do not move regularly suffer from arterial thinning. Deficient microcirculation in childhood increases the risk of developing heart disease in adulthood.

Tips for parents

If you are concerned about children's health and want to motivate them to move more and eat balanced, start by offering yourself as an example. Children whose parents are passionate about sports and have a healthy lifestyle are more motivated to move and consume natural foods. Here are some tips you can use to train your children in physical activities:

1. Train together

Try to find time to go out with your kids in the park and play with them. Dads can play soccer with boys, and moms can train with girls on roller skates. Another good idea is to go out with your family bikes or jog around the lake. You can also lift kites as long as you leave the house and turn off your laptops and TVs.

2. Make sports a fun activity

It is raining outside? Let go of the music and dance. It doesn't matter if you are talented in the art of dance, it is important to move with the children. You will have fun guaranteed.

3. Invest in toys and sports equipment

There are plenty of toys for children of all ages that promote outdoor movement. From cars with pedals, balls, scooters and tricycles, to rollers, skateboards, scooters and tennis rackets.

4. Support their hobbies

Encourage your children to get involved in their favorite sports activities and support them throughout the training sessions. Praise their performance and push them away when they have a small failure.

5. Unplug the electronics

Propose to your children to get involved in protecting the planet, saving electricity. Turn off your laptop and invite them to turn off the TV or unplug the game console. But be careful when choosing the moment! If you turn off your TV during your favorite show, it may not burn them to go out with you on the reels.

Scheduling more hours of physical activity in your family's schedule will help you feel better and have more fun together. Inevitably, cultivating an active lifestyle will instill in your children healthy habits throughout their lives.

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