Get vaccinated against hepatitis!

Get vaccinated against hepatitis!

Two billion people worldwide are infected with hepatitis B. Last year, 1.2 million people died from hepatitis B complications, but in the future, mortality may be lower due to immunization and onset programs. state-of-the-art drugs, capable of reducing the amount of virus in the blood to an undetectable level.

Doctors say there are cases where the disease manifests as a common cold and recommends vaccination, the simplest way to prevent it. Professor Rafael Esteban of the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona (Spain) argues that there are no adverse effects of immunization against hepatitis.

Compared to the USA and other developed countries in Europe, Romania started the immunization program against hepatitis B 14 years later and is considered among the "exporting pathology" countries.

Hepatitis B can be detected by simple blood tests, during routine medical checks or by special tests, which analyze the "viral loads" (the amount of liver virus in the body).

However, many people give up routine tests over the years because they feel good and are unaware that they may be infected with hepatitis viruses. There are cases where the infection almost completely destroys the liver because there are no symptoms.

"All newborns, as well as adolescents, should be vaccinated before starting their sexual life. The vaccine has no adverse effects and has been shown not to cause sclerosis in the plaque, as discussed in France some time ago.