Lavinia Sandru on the Law of Mothers

Lavinia Sandru on the Law of Mothers

January 2009:Maternity allowance, capped at 4000 lei
As the main initiator of the "Mother's Law", being herself a young mother, Lavinia Sandru offered us some answers regarding the provisions of this law that will come into force starting January 1, 2009.
What, exactly, are the provisions of the new "Law of Moms" proposed and promoted by you in Parliament?
Lavinia Sandru: As of January 1, 2009, all mothers on maternity leave will receive a compensation of 600 RON or 85% of the average of the incomes obtained during the last 12 months.
What is the sum that is taken into account for the deduction of 85%? Is it also about the revenue from copyright?
Lavinia Sandru: The income already taxed for the last 12 months will be taken into account. Enter all the professional income, so also the copyright.

Who will benefit from these revenues?
Lavinia Sandru: All mothers at that time on maternity leave, even if they were born before January 1, 2009.

What happens to mothers who have already given birth but will still be on maternity leave when the law comes into effect?
Lavinia Sandru: In order not to be further discriminated against, the Ministry of Labor, when elaborating the rules of law enforcement, will have to take as a basis of calculation the incomes of the last 12 months before the entry of these mothers into maternity leave.

Mothers who have given birth to a child, and during the leave to raise their child remain pregnant with the second child still benefit from the same 85 percent?
Lavinia Sandru: They will benefit from compensation until the youngest child reaches the age of two.

What changes in case of sick child care leave?
Lavinia Sandru: In the case of the child with a disability, the mothers receive an allowance and allowance of 200 RON until he reaches the age of 3 years.