Medals of Success - The Dream School

Medals of Success - The Dream School

After the first volume of the series Medals of success (The 7 medals of success. Stories for parents and children) was so well received by the public (parents, children and teachers appreciated stories about patience, perseverance, cooperation, empathy, courage to speak in public, creativity and curiosity - these also become educational animations for Android and iOS), authors Georgeta and Ovidiu Panisoara, professors at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, the University of Bucharest now proposes to win with Dia and Nick ( the characters of the book) seven other medals.

The two children face a great challenge: they must build a dream school: a school where any child would like to learn. They are aided by two new psychic processes: Thinking (Gandy Robot) and Imagination (Imago Fairy), who have received a special mission in this regard from the dwarf Memo (Memory).

The format of the book follows the logic of the first volume: each story ends with a set of rules, so the child learns to develop that trait and a poem (children remember more easily if the text has a certain internal musicality).

There is also a section titled Corner of parents / teachers where you can find suggestions on exercises that you can do with the child to ensure that he develops properly each trait. We therefore invite you to read with your child the Medals of Success (2) the dream school (recently published by Polirom Publishing House) to develop the following features:

(1) Self-knowledge (Get to know yourself); (2) Autonomy (Independent); (3) Leadership; (4) self-confidence; (5) Fairness; (6) Responsibility and (7) Winners Medal - Think big!

Launch of the volume Medals of success 2 - the dream school will take place within the Gaudeamus Book Fair: Saturday, November 23, ORA 14. Together with the journalist Val Valcu, the authors (Georgeta and Ovidiu Panisoara - teachers in the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences) waiting for you to discuss parenting, the challenges a successful parent goes through today (self-confidence, autonomy, the power to overcome, etc.) and about successful solutions in children's education.