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The 13 commandments for boys' fathers

The 13 commandments for boys' fathers

Fathers are some of the proudest and happiest parents in the world. With all the satisfaction guaranteed by the status of the father of the boy, there are some rules and commandments from which they are not allowed to obey, if they want to raise a child worthy of all praise and keep harmony within their family!

Love her mom!

If you want to be an exceptional boy daddy, love his mom, respect her and appreciate her every day. Although you are closer to the boy than the mother, from the point of view of common activities and interests, do not forget that for the little one, the mother remains the most important person in his life and the being he loves most in this world. Earn the child's respect by showing him how much you love his mother!

Get involved in his care!

Even though many people have the impression that it is the duty of the mother to wash, feed, dress and care for the child, specialists in child psychology argue that the role should be shared between parents and that the father should be actively involved in his care. In addition, keeping your baby in his arms when he is sick, giving him a bath and giving him food to eat could give him immense satisfaction and joy, in the position of a daddy.

Teach him to eat healthy!

The boy's food education is a responsibility of the tactics, which are the best example to follow for the child in this regard. The more he stands near his father, the more the boy imitates him more in gestures, but also in culinary preferences. It is important to teach him to eat healthy, so that he develops proper eating habits.

Teach him to pee in the toilet!

The boy's father shows immense joy when the time comes to teach his child to use the toilet ... stand up! In fact, the father is also the most suitable person for this role, because at a young age, the child learns most easily through the power of example. No matter how hard the mothers try to explain to them how to pee on their feet, the father will find the easiest ways to explain them and show them how to proceed.

Teach him good manners!

The father must be actively involved in the discipline and education of the boy. It is advisable to learn him good manners and to "charge" him whenever he behaves badly. For the child to learn how to behave beautifully, it is important that both the mother and the father use the same disciplinary techniques, so that the child is not misled. Establish together the disciplinary techniques, the rules of the house and learn how to respect them.

Take him to sporting events!

It is the role of the boy's father to bring his child to as many sports activities as possible and to share his passion for these typically male activities - fishing, sofas, football, basketball, etc. Sports matches open up the child's appetite for sports and help him be always active and stay fit.

Tell him and show him you love him!

You're no less a man if you hold your strong son in his arms, kiss him on the forehead and tell him how much you love him. On the contrary, it means that you are a loving, loving and involved father in the life of his child. Daily declarations of love and evidence of affection are some of the most important commands that parents must adhere to.

Make him your confidant and friend!

It is important that your boy does not look at you only as an authoritative parent, all the time delegated tasks, imposed rules and applied penalties. Approach him, be honest in conversations, and why not, share some secrets with him, so that you show him that you trust him and gain his confidence.

Make him a driver for a day!

Another activity that dads and boys often share and that helps them strengthen their relationship is the drive and passion for cars. Even if a few more years have to go before the boy drives his own car, he often puts it in his arms and lets him handle the family car's steering wheel, as if he were driving the car. Play with it only when the car is stationary, not in traffic, as it can become dangerous for both of you.

Teach him how to deal with ladies and gentlemen!

The interactions of men with the ladies and ladies impose some rules of behavior or etiquette, which the boy must learn as a child. The easiest thing is to learn to be a knight from the father, who knows exactly how to show them and explain to them what are the rules of behavior that are required in relation to women. Respect for women is still very small and is "exercised" by the way the child interacts with the mother, colleagues in grades or school or with teachers and educators.

Teach him to shave!

Barber is a man-made activity that you, as a father, share with your child. There comes a time in his childhood where you will have to teach your child how to use foam and razor blade to shave. Even though it is a practical and educational activity, it is also one of the satisfactions you experience when you are a boy's father.

Teach him to be a good dad in the future!

Even if there are many years until the moment your boy becomes a father, you have the opportunity to share a lot of parenting lessons from now on. Don't forget that the way you behave with him, the actions you take in his company and family, but also the activities you do together are the ones that teach him the best about the role of a father and how he should behaves in relation to his future children!

Be a positive example for him every day!

One of the most important rules to keep in mind when you are a boy's father is to be a warm, loving, affectionate and generous parent, husband, friend and play partner every day. Be a good example for the little one in everything you do. It's not enough just to tell him what to do. More important is to show them, because when he grows up, the boy will behave as his father did, not as he told him to do.

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