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Beginning of the school year when parents are divorced

Beginning of the school year when parents are divorced

The changes that a divorced family goes through affect to the same extent both parents and children, who are faced with new situations that they have to cope with. One of these situations is the beginning of a new school year, the period that will be a little more complicated, but not impossible to overcome.

Teachers need to know the situation of the children

Teachers need to know about the family situation of the children, especially if you and your former life partner have recently separated. Also, it is good for the teachers or the teacher of the children to know about the situation at home so that no confusion arises, especially if one of the parents has remarried, and the father or stepmother comes to take the child from school. Thus, situations will be avoided when a teacher is put in the mess and will have to ask the child about the situation in his family.

On the first day of school it is good to have both parents present

The celebration of starting a new school year is one with a special soul load for the child, even overwhelming, especially if it is his first day of school. The presence of both parents will give the child confidence, which will make him feel comfortable. At the same time, the child will know that both his parents are doing everything right for them, even if they do not start a family.

If one of the parents is missing from the holiday, a nice gesture from the other parent is to send him a picture with the child. At such times, the security of the war must be buried, if the separation did not take place in too good conditions.

Establish a clear schedule

In order to make it easier for the child, the former partners have to establish a clear schedule, so that the child must know who is coming to pick him up from school and who stays on the weekends. It is important for both parents to get involved in their children's education. The little one can, for example, be helped with homework by the parent he does not live with, through the phone.

If one of the parents lives in another city, he / she must get involved in the child's life by means of communication. Thus, the child not only receives help, but feels loved and appreciated by both parents, he will not feel abandoned.

Not too spoiled

A divorce is a difficult time for children, but this does not have to make the parents more permissive or overindulging, just because they feel guilty. Nor should a competition be created between the two parents, because, in the long run, they will turn the child into a spoiled one. Moreover, children can learn to take advantage of such a situation and ask parents for all kinds of rewards.

Parents must be present at important school life events

After a breakup, especially a recent one, the last person you would like to talk to is your former partner. But when it comes to the child, you must prove understanding and cooperate, because whatever you do you will do for the good of the child, that he or she will grow up without feeling a lack of one of the parents.

Not only the parent who has custody of the children must be involved in the life of the child. This role belongs to both parents. Therefore, both parents must endeavor to be present at the celebrations, at important competitions, at birthday parties.

Follow the same rules

Children whose parents are divorced will get used to living in two houses. This does not mean, however, that each house comes with its own rules. Parents should understand each other and talk about the little ones' bedtime, about the time given to the topics and about the weekend activities. For example, if the child's bedtime is 21:00, it should be respected even when the child stays with the other parent.

If there are misunderstandings, they must be resolved discreetly, without reaching the ears of the children. They should avoid any contradictory discussion between you.

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