9 surprising things that prevent colds and flu

9 surprising things that prevent colds and flu

Preventing the flu and the cold involves taking simple or regular daily or regular measures - to wash your hands properly, to stay away from sick people, to get your flu shot, to eat healthy, etc. But there are other preventive methods, something more unusual, that you deserve to consider!

Here are some special methods to keep you away from respiratory viruses, so common in cold seasons! Colds and flu are respiratory viruses, ie infections caused by viruses. Their periods of maximum spread are, in particular, winter and spring.

They are very common diseases, both among children and adults. It is estimated that a child can contract between 8 and 12 colds a year, while an adult is limited to only 5 or 6. You can easily reduce the number of occurrences of these infections in your health and other family members through rigorous hygiene. (especially of the hands) and by administering the seasonal flu vaccine.

But sometimes, these measures are not enough to keep flu viruses away from your body. In these situations, it is best to arm yourself with other weapons to fight the viruses and strengthen the immune system. We put at your disposal 9 surprising methods to consider in the prevention of cold and flu!

Outdoor walks

Contrary to the opinion of many parents that walking in the open air, at low temperatures, may favor the sickness of children, it seems that exposure to cold air plays an essential role in strengthening the immunity of young children. And the immune system of adults has the benefit of exposure to air, specific to the cold season.

Experts argue that the idea that cold or cold temperatures cause colds and flu is a myth. These viruses are caused only by the infection with influenza viruses, and they can be contracted at any season.

So, take your baby and your family and get outside, as often as possible. Be active by making snow people, battling with Bulgarians or walking through the park. The breath of cold air strengthens the body and keeps you fit, protecting you from colds.

Towels or paper towels

Handwashing is the most effective way to protect yourself against infection with influenza viruses. But not only the careful washing of the hands is important, but also how you wipe them.

Doctors recommend that you wipe your hands only with paper towels or napkins and not cotton. The constant reuse of the cotton towel only accumulates a lot of germs between its fibers and spreads them further, increasing the risk of disease.

Shock fruit syrup

Shock fruits are among the strongest allies of a strong and healthy organism. Extract from shock fruit is a simple method of strengthening the immune system and fighting the flu and colds.

Rich in powerful antioxidants - Vitamin C and A - Shock syrup not only protects you from these viruses, but even manages to quickly destroy viruses and combat the symptoms of cold, when you couldn't avoid getting sick. Specialists recommend a teaspoon of shock syrup daily.

Warm feet

Everyone knows that the cold is felt primarily at the extremities - hands and feet. It seems that poorly heated feet in the cold season are also causes of cold and flu.

When the foot is exposed to very low temperatures, the blood vessels in the sinuses contract, and the white blood cells no longer reach the sinus membranes and fight the spread of viruses into the body.

Most viruses and bacteria enter the body through the sinuses. Specialists claim that maintaining the constant warmth of the feet (especially the soles) - by wearing the appropriate footwear - reduces the risk of respiratory tract disease by almost 67%.


Consumed in natural form, as a condiment, or integrated into various dietary supplements, ginger is an extremely beneficial plant for health, with powerful antiviral properties.

To protect the body from the flu and colds, doctors recommend administering a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger or a teaspoon of powdered, dry, daily ginger.

Red wine

Even though many doctors avoid recommending alcohol as a cure or prophylactic measure against diseases, in fact, red wine has a lot of beneficial properties on health, when it is heavily drunk. One of them is that of strengthening the immune system. To prevent the flu and colds, doctors recommend a glass of red wine, daily.

Nail cutting

You may be wondering what is the connection between seasonal respiratory viruses and nails. A very big one, doctors say. Nails can be a risk factor for colds and flu. The longer they are, the more the nails accumulate below them germs (bacteria, viruses, etc.), which eventually reach the body and cause infections.

Every time you shave your nails or shake hands, you risk getting sick from a lot of serious infections. In the effort to prevent seasonal respiratory viruses, doctors recommend cutting the nails as short as possible and rubbing them properly, with a special brush, on each hand wash.

Sea urchin oil or extract

Sea urchin is a plant that not many people have heard of and very few consider as a remedy for strengthening immunity. However, it may be a more effective and powerful product than vitamin C, echinacea and other common remedies for protecting the body from disease.

Rich in plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, sea buckthorn extract increases the body's resistance to disease, fights fatigue and promotes liver function.


Sex is one of the most effective health protectors of your body, with powerful antiviral effects. Specialists claim that those who have sex at least 2 times a week have higher levels of immunoglobin A in the body. This substance plays a protective role against infections.

What other new or interesting measures to prevent colds and flu in children and adults do you know? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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