10 things a child doesn't know about his mother

10 things a child doesn't know about his mother

It is said that the only time you think you know everything about parenting and parenting is before you become a mother. After that, you plunge into the turbulent waters of parental duties, always thinking that you can do more, fighting to be perfect and failing every time you try to do them all. In reality, you can't really understand what it means to be a mother until you become one. This experience changes the very core of your being.

But your children do not know what is going on in your soul, how you struggle with the role of mother, what you did or what you were before becoming a "mother". And not because they don't care, but because they aren't mature enough to understand. If you could explain to them what a mother feels and feels, you would most likely say the following things to her:

1. Mother loves you more than she can say in words

Before you were born, your mother was young and lively. He was daring to try something new, in search of adrenaline. Your birth changed everything. Her world shook and began to spin into another orbit. You have become the most important thing in her life. For her, you are the sun around which she spins. Focus on you now. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself and your whole world. Her most important task is to be there, next to you!

2. You hurt her

She didn't feel comfortable until she appeared in her life. And after you did, agony followed. You bitten her with your breast gums when you were breastfeeding, and as you grew older you continued to cause her pain. You scratched it, you pulled it by the hair, you slapped it with your palms over the face and you bitten it again, this time with your milk teeth, small but sharp.

You hurt her, but she still loves you more than you could imagine!

3. Mom knows she's not perfect

She is her fiercest critic. Each time she is mistaken as a mother, she fights with herself. He knows there is no perfect parent, but he still aspires to the title. Try not to scream at yourself and always stay calm. He has the impression that he fails every day and although he knows he should forgive himself and move on, he fails to do so.

4. Your mother looks at you when you sleep

He likes to sneak into your bedroom and watch your angel face while you sleep. It follows your rhythmic breathing, peaceful sleep. At that moment forget about the quarrel you had and kiss with much love on the sweaty forehead. You're her perfect baby!

5. The mother would give everything to be sick in your place

The worst thing for her is to see that you are sick, sad and depressed. It will watch you every second, gather after you when you are sick, change dirty sheets and help you drink water. She would rather be the one who is sick, only to not see that you are sick and suffering.

6. Mom wants everything that is best for you

Even though you can sometimes behave in a caring way, he just wants to teach you how to become an amazing, good and generous person. But above all else, you want to be happy. But the path to happiness is not a clear one, so forgive her if you do not agree with her methods.

7. He had a very different life before you were born

Maybe he had a brilliant career. Maybe in her spare time she liked to read a book, go to a party or travel the world. Now he only trips to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror for two minutes to remember who he was and to see who he was now.

8. And she was a child once

She also played in the mud, beat the ball, tore her teddy bear and sat on her grandmother's knees. Maybe he even dreamed of having children and feared it would never happen.

9. She used to quarrel with her brothers and sisters

And she was arguing with her brothers, as you do. However, she always tells you to leave her softer with quarrels. Their memory saddens her.

10. He fears the passage of time

Even though she is sometimes angry, sad, or worried, she knows how to cherish the early years of childhood, when you are vulnerable and you need it. Those moments when you are still afraid of her hand or you sit in her lap and you stick her cheek to her, rubbing her, are her favorites. Most are afraid of the passage of time. As you grow and gain independence, you will no longer need her help for anything. Wrinkles will appear on her face and fear that one day she will have to say goodbye to you and she will nest in her soul.

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