How can I lower my baby's fever without medication? Natural remedies

How can I lower my baby's fever without medication? Natural remedies

Lowering the fever of the child without medications involves the administration of natural remedies that have the same effect as the medication, but which are more "friendly" to his health than the pills. Although using acetaminophen or ibuprofen is a faster and more accessible method for parents, natural methods of fighting fever have a better effect on their overall health.

Packages with cold compresses

Cold water compresses are the most popular natural remedy for treating mild fever. It is not an effective cure when the fever is severe, but in the situation where the temperature of the child increases very little, it can prove an effective and effective solution faster than the drugs.

How do packets with cold compresses fit properly?

First of all, you should know that it is not advisable to apply cold compresses on the child's forehead or chest! The compresses are always placed on the extremities: from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers; from the upper thigh to the toes.

Also, you will never apply to the little compresses with extremely cold water! Soak towels (no socks, sheets, handkerchiefs, etc.) in water at room temperature, then place them on the baby's body and allow them to act for 20 minutes. Take a break for 20 minutes, then repeat the procedure until you notice that the baby's fever has subsided. Usually, 4 applications of cold compresses are sufficient until the temperature stabilizes to 38 degrees.

Intense hydration

Hydration in the case of fever is not just a cure, but a mandatory condition for the health of the little one. Besides helping to lower the child's body temperature, increasing fluid intake helps prevent dehydration of the body. Dehydration is an extremely serious condition that can endanger the child's life.

Give the child plenty of fluids - preferably water, but also hot soups or teas - to restore the body's electrolyte balance. Make sure he has a water source near him at all times, to stimulate him to drink more often.

Baths with hot water

Hot water baths have the role of lowering the child's body temperature and helping him feel more comfortable when he is sick. Dip the baby in the tub with warm water and keep it for about 10 minutes, during which time you should wash it with the sponge all over your body. Make sure the bathroom is warm enough to keep the little one from getting cold when removed from the water. The chills are quite unpalatable and incomparable for the little one.

Herbal teas

The teas are effective in fighting the fever of the child, because it helps to hydrate the body. But beyond this important effect, specialists have found that certain herbal teas have the benefit of reducing fever. Ginger, sorghum, mint or shock blossoms are just a few of the plants with a strong therapeutic effect on fever.

Bed rest in cool rooms

Sleeping is an effective remedy against fever. It contributes to the prevention of its exacerbation, but it also helps the child's immune system fight effectively against it. If the child with fever remains active and is shaken, the body temperature tends to increase and aggravate their health.

Make sure that the room where the child rests is a constant temperature, not too high, to avoid overheating of the body. For the same purpose, it is essential to dress the child in thin clothes and natural materials.

Strengthening the immune system

The child's immune system is the one fighting the fever. The stronger it is, the more easily the fever is "defeated". When faced with fever, the immunity of the child needs a little boost, which can help it to "bring down" this unpleasant symptom. The boost can be provided by a healthy diet, rich in essential nutrients, and natural supplements, based on herbs or vitamins.

Which of these remedies do you find effective in fighting fever in children? Do you know any more? Tell us your opinions and tips in the comments section below!

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