The child in Pisces sign

The child in Pisces sign

Affectionate, intuitive, creative, with a boundless imagination and the soul of a poet, your child Pesti will excel in work and play activities, which involve these wonderful gifts. Water and music calm the spirit and educate the baby's talents. Attempts to bypass this very intuitive child from unpleasant feelings or experiences are impossible to achieve, so try to draw a truth appropriate to his or her age.

The Pisces baby will enjoy you with the sweetest smile. Always against order and routine, it will prove an overflowing imagination.

Many Pisces children even have an imaginary friend, living in their own idyllic world, believing in the power of magic - it could be a real tragedy when they find out that Santa doesn't exist.

The Pisces child has a sixth feeling very well developed and might enjoy more the presence of an adult around him than the company of other children. Pisces children rarely lose their temper, preferring to always look at things from a favorable perspective, putting everything in the best light.

Pisces children tend to avoid getting in the spotlight and that is why they may not want to drive. It is important for you, as a parent, to take this into account and not force your child into such a position. As children are not at all aggressive, it is possible for these children to easily become victims of intimidation and even brutality. Pay close attention to this aspect and teach your child ahead of time how to deal with such situations.


The extremely creative imagination enhances the life experience of the Pisces child, inspiring life with a variety of color shades and possibilities. You might be surprised to find him staring at the stars in the sky, but in his mind so deep there are a multitude of thoughts, feelings, impressions and intuition fragments united in an extremely rich perceptive mosaic.

Pisces children are incredibly affectionate and compassionate, which means they need more affection from their parents. Pisces baby always asks to be kept in his arms and even when he is growing up he will need many hugs, kisses and encouragement.

Pisces children are often more focused on their instincts than on logic and are more interested in dreams than in real life. As a parent of a Pisces child, you will need to help your child stay on the ground, as avoidance and escaping are typical traits for Pisces.

Another typical feature of character is idealism. Pisces will have great visions of what life should be like, visions that will perish in the light of reality.

Since your little fish is so emotionally sensitive (as well as physically and mentally), you will have to pay close attention to the people and experiences you expose to it, but also to what you eat. Do not be surprised if you bring home abandoned cats or other friends in distress. His ability to love and to be useful is enormous, and sometimes becomes even a defect.

The Pisces baby needs to protect himself from the people who would benefit from his slightly naive gift and nature and this is the moment when you as a parent have to intervene and give him the support he needs.

Mom in Pisces sign

The mother in Pisces sign will feed her baby. She is the kind of mother who is very emotional and emotional and she can cry when her baby cries. Applying the discipline is a difficult thing for Pisces mother.

It might seem that being organized and organized is not a priority for you, as a mother. You accept pretty easily almost anything for which your child is interested, which is beneficial for the little one when it is in full development.

The main quality of Mother Pisces is that she has a very big soul. She lives in a world of her own and she likes it. Fantasy and creativity flow right through her veins.

Going out to the theater or ballet with your family will be an excellent way to suspend reality and to show your innocence and curiosity.

Through the eyes of a child

As a Pisces parent, you are very caring, compassionate and very open to the needs of your child. Ever since they are babies, you feel in a special way what bothers your children and you enjoy the full intensity of each discovery they make in the new world they are in.

In some respects, your life experience is like that of a child. You are less connected to certain demands of "real life" and you have imagination and creativity to the extreme. You will spend hours in a row playing with your children and you will look with the same fascination as the wonders of the world.

You will teach your children how important dreams are, you will teach them to explore their intuition, to trust their own perceptions of the energy and force that exists beyond the reach of the world. You will convey their own sensitivity to the subtleties of life and instill their respect for life. But children are sharp and will take on your tendency to avoid reality in favor of a beautiful and rich imagination.

Try to curb your dream energy with a firm piece of reality. You will have to teach your children how to deal with the responsibilities of life, such as following a homework program, resolving their responsibilities in time and maintaining a tradition of family meal.

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