The right nutrition for happy moms

The right nutrition for happy moms

Dear Moms, we know that from the moment that blatant and innocent bill came into your life, you can think of nothing more than its health and well-being. But it is very important not to forget to take care of yourself too! If you want to be energetic and cheerful moms, you must rest and nourish yourself properly.

An adequate diet for moms who want extra energy and good mood must necessarily include dairy - bracelets, yogurt, milk. They provide, besides the necessary calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, proteins and maintaining a good disposition, due to an amino acid that they contain.

Cheeses have a major beneficial influence on the body, so it is important to know how you can use them to keep you healthy and fit.

  • Dairy products can prevent and treat high blood pressure due to increased calcium content. The correlations between high calcium intake and a decrease in the body's reaction to salt were highlighted. Calcium intake of over 800 mg per day is associated with a lower frequency of hypertension.
  • Cheese with whey (fresh cheese, barley and ricotta) are highly recommended because they contain a strong antioxidant, with the role of maintaining optimal health.
  • When we look at the number of calories, it is well known that in cheese like Milk and cottage cheese, calories should not be counted, because, due to the calcium intake, some of the fat will not be absorbed from the intestines into the blood.
  • During a diet, besides the high biological role of cheese, it is important to know that the diet based on 2 daily portions of cheese does not create sudden changes of mood, anxiety, anxiety or bad mood.
  • Fresh cheeses include some of the richest types of fat (eg, homemade). They can be replaced in most culinary recipes, with other low in fat, such as: Milk core, cottage cheese "Something fine", urda or ricotta.

So not only do little kids need milk and cheese to grow beautifully. Moms also need care and attention, so that they can pass it on to their little ones. Finally, dear mothers, take care of yourself, do not neglect your health and find time for the little things that make you happy!

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