IACB 2017 - Event dedicated to children with autism

IACB 2017 - Event dedicated to children with autism

Autism is experiencing alarming growth in all areas, worldwide, with an estimated 1 in 61 children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Also, autism appears more often in boys than in girls (the proportion being 4 to 1). Characteristic of children with autism are communication and language problems, socialization and repetitive behaviors, self-stimulation and restricted interests related to people or activities. With the help of recovery therapies, the results appear even though they sometimes flare, and sometimes they are seen only after one month from the beginning of the therapy.

Therefore, the final object, at the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism (AITA) is not to make children with autism geniuses, but to make children less and less autistic, and especially more and more happy. . And in almost 9 years of activity I saw many children smiling, many happy families!

Why International Autism Conference Bucharest - IACB 2017?

International Autism Conference Bucharest - IACB 2017 is an event dedicated entirely to people experiencing autism, discussing the therapies that have proven effective in significantly improving the lives of people affected by autism. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis event was born out of caring for the little ones affected by autism, from the passion for our profession, from the conviction that slowly but surely we can maximize the potential of the children and give families a hope for a better family life.

Life with a person with autism is fraught with challenges whether you are parent, brother, sister, grandfather, classmate, playmate, educator, teacher, therapist, psychologist, doctor. Life becomes a little different and requires a different level of understanding, patience, acceptance and to adjust the level of expectations and preparation for a beautiful and valuable life information is essential.

We are waiting for you at IACB 2017 with an impressive list of Romanian and foreign readers!

Gina Davies has worked in the UK, in the field of special education and as a speech therapist for over 20 years in England, both in the clinical and in the educational and family environment. She managed to turn speech therapy into an intervention that brings joy and beautiful results, supporting both families of children with autism and professionals in the field.

In October he comes to Bucharest bringing new, current information on techniques and procedures to improve the attention of children with autism so that they can participate more successfully in the activities in which they are included, and thus can better adapt to school life and social.

Autism Bucharest International Conference IACB2017 is an event dedicated exclusively to people who are in contact with autism, whether they are parents, professionals in the field, students, representatives of NGOs in the field or supporters of people with autism and their families.

The IACB will take place in Bucharest at the Rin Grand Hotel, from October 27 to 29 and has invited important readers from Romania and Europe from the fields of psychology, medicine, parents of children with autism, representatives of NGOs from all over the country. You can find the complete list of readers on www.iacb.ro.

About AITA:

The Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism (AITA) was established in the winter of 2008. Today, we have two centers where children benefit from behavioral therapy programs applied ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), speech therapy, socializing, sensory therapy, kinetotherapy, therapy methods that have big goals but which they divide into small tasks, so that every little victory is rewarded and celebrated especially. Each child benefits from his or her own program that he / she runs at his / her own pace.

The AITA team is made up of psychologists, ABA therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, volunteers. AITA President, psychologist Daniela Gavankar has been an ABA consultant since 2007, and has attended training courses in applied behavioral analysis - University of North Texas and international supervision in coordinating ABA therapy.

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