In the family, at the hotel - Tricks that every parent should know

In the family, at the hotel - Tricks that every parent should know

Traveling with children can be a real adventure, especially if you are planning a hotel stay. But if you plan your holiday in advance and consider some precious tips, you won't have to worry, and the stay will be a successful one.

Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing a hotel room for family holidays:

Ask for a room away from the elevator

If the hotel where you live is a tall one, with many rooms, and you will be staying on an upper floor, it is good that when you make the reservation you should request a room away from the elevator. It will be of great help to you if you have small children, who need to sleep peacefully. If you have the room near the elevator you will have to consider that there will be a lot of galloping, which can agitate the children.

Create a playground for the child

Children get bored quickly, so think about what you can do to avoid this. Take into account the fact that you can have a rainy day on holiday, which will force you to stay in the room. It arranges a small corner where the child can quietly stretch his toys.

If you can book an apartment in a hotel, then things will be simpler, because you will have more space. Try to orient yourself to a hotel that has a playground or pool, especially if your little one knows how to swim.

Be prepared to go dark in the room

If you know that your little one can rest well in the dark, take with you an aluminum foil so you can cover the window. It is good to be prepared for the situation when your little one will wake up at dawn, and the windows of the room do not have curtains.

If the window in the room is covered, then it will not penetrate the light and it will be much easier to fall asleep again. If you do not have an aluminum foil, you can improvise using a blanket from the hotel or even a sheet, although the appearance is not a pleasant one.

Also, if you know your little one can't fall asleep without his favorite toy, don't forget to take it with you on vacation. Even if it is a huge plush bear, do good and take it, it will keep you from crying crises of an unhappy and angry child.

Book a room with refrigerator

When traveling with children, especially if they are babies, it is very important to have a refrigerator in the room. So you will be sure that you have where to keep the milk for the little one, but also other perishable foods.

It is also good to have a TV in the room, because you never know when the child wants to watch cartoons. The TV can also be your and your partner's rescue if you want some quiet moments before you go on a hike, to the beach or to visit tourist attractions, depending on the location chosen for the holiday.

Keep your room clean

Traveling with children is twice as much a disorder. Do not let things get out of control, but be careful every time to squeeze things that are not put in their place. Keep your clothes in the closet and not in your suitcase, so you don't scatter them every time you look for something to wear.

Be careful to be tidy, because a messy room is a room where you and your children will not feel well. Ask them, in turn, to be ordered and to collect their toys. It is not at all pleasant in the middle of the night when you go to the toilet to step on a lego piece!

Do not forget to lock the door, because any child is very curious and it only takes a moment of inattention on your part, and the child comes out the door. If you take safety measures you will avoid the panic moments in which you will look for your child.

Perfectly organizes the luggage

When you do your luggage, put things in order so you know where to find them when you need them. Imagine yourself not knowing where to put the diaper, and your baby needs to be changed urgently. You will create a real chaos around you, looking for clothes, cosmetics, care products, towels, shoes ...

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