Skin stains

Skin stains


- My boy of 6 months and 2 weeks had a blemish in the liver area. I went with him to the family doctor and he just told me to keep it under observation. Could it be related to his liver? (He did 3 antibiotic treatments until the stain appeared and after one more treatment. He cooled the number of times his teeth came out: 4 1/2 months first 2 and now the next two teeth are coming out.


Skin spots may indeed occur as a result of liver disease, but to confirm this, a clinical examination is needed, the result of which is to indicate this possibility, as well as the dosage of serological constants that show a liver injury (liver transaminases). , etc.)
In the absence of data regarding the color of these spots, their dimensions and their three-dimensional appearance (if it exceeds the tegumentary plane, if it has a regular contour, etc.), the appearance mode and if it changes its shape or color over time, if these color changes are with or without pruritus and in the absence of minimal paraclinical investigations, the exact cause of this tegumentary spot cannot be determined.
Also, it should be kept in mind that skin changes occur most frequently as a result of dermatological or allergic disorders, so I recommend you continue your investigations and call for a dermatological and / or allergic consultation.
Alina Pop-Began
- Resident doctor - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-

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