How to understand the Aquarius child with the brothers in each sign

How to understand the Aquarius child with the brothers in each sign

The Aquarius child is intelligent, has an overflowing imagination and an extreme curiosity, which will make him nose his nose in all things around and analyze them through his own diopters. Is this tendency to be bulky tolerated by other signs? Find out how to understand the Aquarius child with the brothers from the other signs!

Compatibility of Aquarius - Aries brothers

Besides imagination and curiosity, Aquarius is a leader and is ambitious, traits that can be fought in relation to the stubborn and powerful Aries. As both tend to take the lead in their relationship, many tensions will emerge, which will disappear only when they learn to cooperate effectively and know when to give up and when not to.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Taurus brothers

Despite their appearance, Aquarius and Taurus are compatible signs, the relationship of which naturally develops during childhood. Each brother knows his role and position in this relationship. Taurus is the leader, and Aquarius, something more idealistic and full of imagination, will take over the role of performer.

They will take on the roles, which is why they will be able to have a harmonious evolution as brothers and get along well. You should, however, encourage Aquarius to come out from time to time under his brother's domination to gain more confidence in his own strength!

Compatibility of Aquarius - Gemini brothers

Aquarius and Gemini are intellectually compatible. I think the same way, they show the same desire for knowledge and exploration of the environment and I am always in search of the absolute truth.

The quarrels between them are not without traces of physical violence, since both signs have a tendency towards aggression, which, if not controlled and oriented towards constructive activities (sport), can generate disputes of proportions.

Compatibility of Aquarius brothers - Cancer

Aquarius's authority and the sensitivity of the Sparrowhawk do not manage to join very well in a harmonious relationship. They are incompatible signs not only because of their different personalities, but also because of their divergent interests.

Aquarius tends to dominate the Cancer, which is easy to manipulate. This would not be a problem if the authoritarian and even harsh nature of Aquarius did not often hurt the feelings of the fragile Cancer. It is desirable to help Brother Cancer learn from his brother more about leadership qualities, so that he manages to assert himself in his areas of interest.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Leo brothers

Although both are stubborn and authoritarian, Leo and Aquarius make a "good home together" most of the time. However, the different interests that they have often make them move away from one another and even ignore them. It is important to bring them together in interesting games and activities, so that they get to know each other better, and the fraternal relationship is strengthened slightly.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Virgo brothers

Although astrally incompatible, the brothers from the Virgo and Aquarius zodiacs always manage to find common points of interest and to approach in surprising ways. The two brothers quickly observe their qualities and flaws and naturally manage to tolerate each other, to have a beautiful and harmonious relationship in childhood.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Libra brothers

Although they share common traits and interests, Libra and Aquarius form a relationship that is constantly prone to conflicts and tensions. The sea of ​​discord in the relationship between the brothers will often be Aquarius, more stubborn in nature. He considers that he is right in any situation. When it is contradicted, scandals erupt in proportions.

Fortunate that the gentle and peaceful nature of Libra will quickly alleviate these conflicts. It is advisable to help Aquarius be more open to ideas and proposals and learn to give up and accept when he is not right.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Scorpio brothers

Scorpio and Aquarius form a beautiful team and represent a constant source of creative ideas and projects, due to the desire for knowledge they share. The disputes between the brothers arise when they are put to compete against each other and they are not together, in the same camp.

Feed their imagination and curiosity through interesting activities and games that stimulate their desire for knowledge and exploration.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Sagittarius brothers

Put together, Sagittarius and Aquarius are full of surprises and interesting ideas, which I debate for a long day. They are compatible and easy to grow together, as they will always find common concerns that keep them busy, without the risk of getting bored or arguing with each other.

The two brothers love to talk incessantly, to engage in various conversations, even if they don't always know what it is, traits that can be a little annoying at times. But if you take care to learn the rules of politeness in conversations and the right times to intervene, the brothers will grow up beautifully together.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Capricorn brothers

Capricorn and Aquarius understand each other very well and are often put on wives. All the pictures they make together come from the thirst for knowledge that characterizes them and from the frequent scientific experiments that they do with most things in the house. Be careful to stimulate their desire for acquaintance with as many games and activities as most disputes between them end when they get bored.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Aquarius brothers

Raising two Aquarius brothers is a challenge for parents, because although they seem very similar, they have a lot of things and traits that separate them. Although they adhere to the same principle according to which people should have their own opinions, surprisingly, they are not very tolerant of each other's opinions and each tries to impose their thinking in discussions and confrontations.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Pisces brothers

Pisces and Aquarius have an interesting relationship. Although they tend towards the same goals, they have different visions of the means to achieve them. Aquarius has a leading attitude and tries to achieve his goals by any means, while the native of Pisces loses somewhere on the road in reaching the goals. However, they work well together and have a beautiful relationship.

What are your children signs of? How do you find the relationship between them from a zodiacal point of view? Does it match the predictions that the stars make about their compatibility?

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