5 things and places full of germs where children play

5 things and places full of germs where children play

The microbes are all around us, and the children frequently hit them in all the places they frequent and on the objects they frequently handle.

Bacteria and viruses are like invisible monsters that hang around for hours so that they don't miss the moment when children take the wrong step in their hygiene to penetrate the body. From that moment, the storm unleashes and the diseases begin to "pop up" one by one, the germs laughing like mouth to the ears that have taken over the health of the little ones.

Protect your baby from germs by identifying the main sources of germs and teaching him how to stay away from them!

No matter how much fun it would be for the child to make sand castles, it is important to make him understand how important it is for the particles not to get into his mouth and not to take his eyes or nose while playing.

The sand is full of bacteria, parasites and other germs that can cause dangerous infections to the child's health: diarrhea, enterocolitis, etc. The solution is not to keep him away from the sand, but to teach him the essential hygiene rules when playing outside: to disinfect his handcuffs - with bacterial gel or wet towels - before taking his hand to mouth, eye or nose.

Don't forget to set up a hand washing rule every time you enter your home or before you pop something.

Remote control, mobile phone, laptop and computer are some of the devices that are often attracted to little ones. At the same time, they are also the main sources from which the child can become infected with a lot of harmful microbes for health.

The computer mouse and keyboard are the most powerful magnets for bacteria and viruses. The remote control and the mobile, the devices that the child loves to manipulate in handcuffs as young as possible, are also full of germs.

It is advisable to explain to the child why he / she is not allowed to carry the hand or mouth while playing with them and to take care to disinfect them frequently.

The classroom is a source of germs from which the child can become infected with enterocolitis, childhood illnesses, hepatitis and other conditions that can keep him away from the class for days or weeks.

The child should be instructed to disinfect the surface of the spirit bench every morning. Teach him to wash his hands before eating a snack or having lunch. But tell him about the habit of taking the hand to the eyes, mouth or nose when he is in school.

Medical offices, operating rooms and consulting rooms are carefully sterilized by hospital or clinic staff. But not the waiting rooms, which are full of germs and germs left by the patients who visit them daily.

The child, eager to explore everything that moves around him, puts his hand on chairs, benches, door locks or walks his cars on the floor. Then taking your hand to your mouth, you risk getting infected with all sorts of contagious and health-threatening infections.

Toys are objects that are part of his life for a long time. But most of them are full of germs or germs that are dangerous to your health.

Whenever the child loses the toy on the floor, puts his hand on it when he is griped or leaves it on the hand of a sick child, he may become ill. Frequently disinfect your child's toys to protect his or her health.

What other things and objects full of germs that the child attends do you know? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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