Congratulations on March 8 made by children

Congratulations on March 8 made by children

The greetings of March 8, Mother's Day, which are made by the children are the most beautiful, have in them all the love of your child and do not compare with those in the trade.

If we also take into account that the cards made by children involve less expenses, plus it involves the imagination and dexterity of your child, then it seems like a good idea.

How do we do greetings on March 8?

It is not very difficult to make greetings from March 8 with the little one, use your imagination and make sure you have:

• White paper, colored paper, cardboard;
• Colored pencils, crayons, tempera and brushes;
• Pressed flowers or leaves (dried or not);
• Photos, colored buttons;
• Glues, scissors.

After you have put all this at your fingertips, make an action plan with your child and get on with it! The cards have in common the cardboard base or white paper, on which the decorations will be added.

So, we will take a rectangular piece of cardboard or paper that we will fold in two, leaving the back cover of the greeting card a little wider. On that left edge, about 3-4 cm, a line will be drawn either in the shape of a poplar, half of the tulip or simply a wavy line, contours that you will later go with the scissors.

We decorate Mother's Day greeting cards

The first step is ready, we can move on to decorating ideas. We cut from colored paper petal shapes, bulinutes and pieces for the flower stalk and glue them in the center of the blanket. If below we write a message of the type "March 8", and inside a message for moms or pasted a family photo, the simplest greeting card is ready.

Other options include:

• Use glue to decorate the cardboard cover with bean-colored bean tempera instead of petals for poppy or other flower, with a button stuck in the middle. The leaves and leaves can be drawn with colored pencils or strips of green paper can be used.

• The paper petals can be folded in two in length and only then you can glue them, they will appear protruding, just as you can at the leaves and the stem. Look for origami flower designs on the internet, which you can glue on the cover, if you like the idea.

• If the child likes to paint, we try to paint with the handles, putting either the fingerprint or the whole palm soaked in color over the cover, to the numberless or, if the little one is creative, in the form of a flower or other object.

• If we like collages, we can paste all sorts of geometric shapes of different sizes (which we cut out of colored paper) over greeting card, then either paste a family picture or paste a white paper rectangle with a message wanted by the little one ("I love you, Mama!", "March 8", etc.) or both.

If the little boy comes up with ideas along the way, see what can be done, to give him the satisfaction of having created with his sleeves something for his mother to love.

Mother's Day activities

The little ones can approach, depending on the age, different activities: they can say poems or songs for Mother's Day, they can express the way they conceive Mother's Day by free drawing or they can color pictures.

Do not hesitate to play with him, especially if he proposes a game he likes. It's Mother's Day and family's day!

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