Business juniors at Arena Mall in Bacau

Business juniors at Arena Mall in Bacau

On February 10, from 10:00 to 14:00, the "Junior in Business" program, dedicated to children between 8 and 13 years old, starts again in the Arena Mall store in Bacau!

"Business juniors" is the most innovative program for children in Romania that develops their self-confidence, communication and entrepreneurial skills through games and practical sales of products created in teams.

In 2012 there were 10 editions in Bucharest, Bacau, Constanta and Iasi, where 198 children from 7 to 13 years old participated in total, and where the children made about 3800 lei "pocket money" and donated approximately 200 lei.

In 2013, the program will continue to bring children closer to what is the responsibility of spending, obtaining their own income, but also understanding simple economic principles through fun games and activities.

"Business juniors" is built on two basic principles:

1. Personal development and communication skills - children are involved in presentation games, creativity and teamwork.

2. Development of entrepreneurial skills and understanding of economic principles - After a few games of calculation or analysis, the children are divided into teams and agree on what products to sell. I receive a surprise budget from which I buy various materials to make my own products. After shopping, make a promotional poster and prepare their products. They have an hour to convince the customers and to sell their products made by them. 80% of the profit is shared equally by the team members, and 20% of the profit is donated to a local NGO.

This year, the program will bring new challenges to children at each edition. Besides the punctual activities, at each meeting the teams will have a new task, such as a mysterious client who will train them in negotiations or take over a company with products in stock that they will have to sell. After registration, parents will receive more details about the children's activities in the program.

The themes of the "Junior in Business" editions from January to May:

1. 10.02 - Market research

2. 17.03 - Negotiation

3. 14.04 - Sale surprise product

4. 12.05 - Competitor

5. 09.06 - Surprise!

Children's impressions:

"I had a little emotion at first, I thought we would stay at school, but when I saw that we were allowed to talk to each other and ask questions, my emotions passed," Robert, 7 years old

"I liked it so much that I made money, money that I can't come to spend so easily", Tudor, 12 years

The program runs from 10:00 to 14:00. The number of participants is 16 copies / edition. The participation ticket is 50 lei / participant / edition. Parents who wish can register for the announced editions.

In the price of the participation ticket are included: working materials, the budget for the creation of products and fair, snacks, diploma of participation, Guide of the parent.

The registration of the children in the program is done at [email protected]/ 0746.042.033, 0742.14.12.84, until January 5, at 15.00.

After registration, parents will receive "Junior in Business - Parent's Guide", a material with organizational information, and after the program, parents will receive a new material "Junior in Business - Activity Guide", a material with information about the role of activities and tips for supporting their.

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