Detergent for baby clothes

Detergent for baby clothes

What detergent do we use for baby clothes?

Generally, pediatric doctors recommend that mothers use special baby detergent formulas to prevent allergies and irritations.

The soft and sensitive skin of the baby should receive proper care to make the baby feel comfortable.

And, because in the first months of life, babies get very dirty in their clothes, it can be quite difficult to find a good detergent, which will clean the persistent stains and protect at the same time.

The most suitable baby detergent formulas available in pharmacies are hypoallergenic and have no fragrance. Detergents based on aloe vera or gel detergents, which dissolve immediately in the water, are very suitable for washing baby's clothes, because they are easier to rinse.

A bio alternative to the classic detergents is the washing nuts. Containing saponin, they have the same cleaning properties as a regular detergent, but they do not have any allergenic chemicals. Because they are very well tolerated by sensitive skin, they are convenient as price and environmentally friendly, the washing nuts are gaining ground in front of ordinary detergents.

Do we use laundry conditioner for baby clothes?

If you choose a regular laundry detergent, make sure it is the sensitive, gentler version of your baby's skin. Regarding the use of balm, the opinions are divided. Some specialists do not recommend it, because it can remain on the baby's clothes, irritating his skin. It is best to opt for a delicate formula, specially designed for sensitive skin, but which effectively cleans the spots.

Some doctors recommend the use of vinegar or lavender oil instead of balm for very small baby clothes. Vinegar is an ecological alternative to ordinary laundry conditioner; Besides neutralizing the alkaline pH of detergents, it is also effective in cleaning detergent residues on clothes. In addition, it can save you an additional expense.

How do I wash baby clothes?

Some moms are of the opinion that, at first, baby clothes should be hand washed with baby soap. In time, however, you can safely place them in the washing machine, first separated from the adult things, and then even with them. There are special protective bags on the market where baby things can be introduced, when they are washed in the car next to the parents' clothes.

When washing your baby's items separately, it is best to set the washing machine at a lower temperature than the one used for your things (40 degrees Celsius). Because most baby clothes are made of cotton, it is best not to wash them at high temperatures, which could alter or ruin them (cotton enters the water). Before washing, read the washing specifications on the clothing label!

Some modern washing machines are equipped with a special program for washing baby clothes. However, it is good to set the machine so that, after washing the windows, an additional rinse will follow. By squeezing, the baby's clothes will dry faster. And if you could even kick them, it would be perfect. Through the limestone, all the microbes on the clothes of the little one are destroyed.

Considering these tips, each mom can opt for the one that seems most effective for her baby.

Don't forget to always wash your baby's new clothes. They can be impregnated with certain allergenic substances.

When ironing, he turns things around and does not insist much on printed areas.

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