Change of baby from crib to bed

Change of baby from crib to bed

Is it time for your baby to move from baby crib to baby crib? It's an important step for him, but don't try to rush things. Moving the baby from a crib to a crib without a side should be done when the child feels ready. To make the move easier, you can consider the following tips.

When do we remove the side rails?

Before moving from the crib to the bed, there is another important step to take: dismantling the side grates of the crib. Once your child can get up and get out of bed without problems, you can set them aside. This happens around the age of 2 and a half - 3 years.

There is no hurry to remove them if you have the impression that your little one will roll out of bed. When you still make the decision to remove the side rails, you can put some soft pillows near the bed, to cushion any eventual accommodations.

Advice: Only remove the side from the front of the crib, and keep the one next to the wall, to minimize the risk of your baby rolling between the bed and the wall.

When do we go from bed to bed?

Most children switch from a crib to a regular bed between 2 and 3 and a half years. Remember, it's no rush. There are even some benefits to letting the child continue to sleep in the crib if he or she feels good there.

If you want to move him to a bed to release the baby crib, try to do this cautiously. Children can easily become jealous of younger siblings. Move it a few months before the baby is born or when the baby is already a few months old.

How do we help him get comfortable?

You can try the following methods to help your child get comfortable with changing the bed:

  • Tell him how proud you are of him. After all, moving to a normal bed is an important step towards becoming an independent adult.

  • Tell him about the bed mounting plans. Make sure your little one knows how much fun it will be!

  • You can also involve your child in the fitting of the bed, if it seems a good idea. Choose bed linen together. Let it look when you move furniture around the room. Children are happier when they take part in change, than if it happens without them.

  • Have a mini family party to celebrate moving to a new bed.

  • Let him keep a crib from the old crib if he wants to. It will feel safer that way.

How do we make the bedroom safe for the child?

When your baby moves from a crib to a normal bed, he will be able to get off easier than you think. This means he can do almost anything he wants in his bedroom.

You need to do a little check to see if the bedroom is safe. Here are some things to watch out for when leaving your child alone in a room.

  • If there are windows that face outwards. Install a safety system that allows the partial opening of the window, so that the child can not pass.

  • If you have cords and strings from the blinds / curtains, which hang down to the floor. They present a risk of suffocation for your child, so upgrade them as high as possible, so that the little one does not reach them.

  • If there are stairs near the small bedroom. You can mount a protective fence that blocks access to the stairs when the parents are not around. The danger is greater when the baby is sleepy and dark in the room.