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How often do we ask children if they need a toilet?

How often do we ask children if they need a toilet?

Until the child tells you he or she needs a bath or goes alone to do his / her needs in the bathroom, you will need to ask him often enough so that he does not escape.

But you might wake up, like many parents, to ask your little one a little too often if he wants to go to the bathroom, which could nullify the effect of this question. If you wonder how often it is advisable to ask your child if he wants to the toilet, find out that there is no clear answer, but there are some recommendations from specialists!

When should you ask the child if he needs a toilet?

Patience, perseverance and a sense of observation are the three weapons you need when you teach your child to do his or her needs in the toilet. Many parents have the impression that if they frequently ask the child if he needs to go to the toilet, they will be able to convince him to use it more easily.

In fact, if the child is satiated with this question in 5 to 5 minutes, he will not pay due attention, and the question will not have the desired impact. Even though he is very small and cannot tell you in words that he needs a toilet, the child offers some signals that suggest he needs to use the toilet.

Sphincter control of urination and defecation develops at different ages in children. Both types of sphincter control begin to develop around the age of 2 anisors. This means that the little one can abstain and not get rid of it, but he needs to be taught what time to go to the toilet and how to use it properly.

Whenever the child signals that he needs a bath, it is the right time to ask. This way, you pay attention to your own needs and help you make the connection between what you feel when you need it in the bathroom easier and the fact that you need to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes, the chicks are so preoccupied with certain activities or play that they no longer pay attention to the bodily symptoms that announce that pee or poop is coming and gets rid of them. When you "ask" her the question at the right time, you quickly pay attention to the signals her body offers and the fact that she has to go to the toilet.

After a while, the child will tell you that he needs a bath without being asked or he will go alone to do his needs.

Signs indicating that she needs a bath

The signals offered by the body of the child are then about to pee or are very easy to spot:

  • he keeps his feet crossed and bends in front;
  • sits on the vine;
  • it blushes and shrivels in the face;
  • he melts from one leg to another and holds his hand on his tummy.

The importance is not just the question you ask the child, but also the explanations and conversations you have with him on this topic. Encourage him to constantly tell you or attract attention when he needs a bath, so that he can get to the toilet in time and not run away. Don't forget to flatter him whenever he manages to get to the toilet on time or tell you he needs it.

How often do you ask your child if he needs a toilet? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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