Water diet

Water diet

Water diet is one of the simplest, but also fashionable, weight loss methods, held by a lot of Hollywood stars and beyond. Although there are variants of the diet that rely solely on water consumption to reduce the extra weight, it is advisable to opt for a balanced diet, which will lose you a few pounds quickly, but without endangering your health!

Discover the simplest water diet and the rules you must follow when you follow this diet, so as not to endanger your health!

How does your diet lose weight with water?

Water is a beverage without any diet, due to its essential properties in eliminating extra kilos. It is considered a detoxifying food, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce fat deposits.

Besides stimulating metabolism to burn fat, increased water consumption inhibits appetite. This way, you consume less food every day and help the body eliminate the fat surplus.

Hot water diet, how is it maintained?

Although you might think that the water diet is based exclusively on the consumption of this drink, in fact, it is based on the intelligent integration of water in a balanced menu, so as to provide the body with the nutrients it needs, but without a fat surplus. unwanted.

The best known variant of this diet is the one with hot water. Although water consumption is the key to the whole diet and there is no need for a special dietary menu throughout it, it is advisable to consume healthy, high-calorie, but nutritious foods.

The diet is carried out over the course of two weeks. In the first week, a glass of warm water is consumed daily, on an empty stomach, before breakfast. But consumption is not limited to this daily glass. It consumes about 2 liters of water daily.

In the second week, continue drinking the glass of water on an empty stomach, but drink the rest of the day, one glass before and after each main meal.

Rules and precautions in keeping the diet warm water

One of the main rules of the hot water diet is that it should not be drunk fast, but consumed in small bites, over a period of several minutes. The same is done with each glass consumed during the weight loss regime.

Water can be replaced with unsweetened teas - green tea, cherry tails, etc., which enhance the effect of weight loss. However, it is recommended that, during a day, the tea be alternated with water. There is no water at all during the meal, as it dilutes the gastric juices and affects the digestion of food.

It is important to comply with the exact recommendations regarding water consumption in the diet. Excluded are carbonated or non-carbonated sweet drinks, coffee or alcohol during the two weeks of the diet.

Diet should not be recommended for longer than 2 weeks, as adverse health effects may occur. Diet overloaded the kidneys, and if kept long-term, can lead to disorders of the brain or heart.

Have you ever had a water diet? What were your results? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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