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Low libido after birth

Low libido after birth

Low libido after birth

After birth, most women go through hormonal changes that induce them to crave sex indefinitely. Many of them worry when they experience this condition and wonder if it is something permanent.

It is normal to have a low libido immediately after birth!

Libido or desire for sex diminished after birth is a delicate subject that worries a lot of new mothers. However, it is a normal state, say the specialists. Labor and birth are traumatic processes for your body and need time to recover. In addition, psychological side effects such as post-partum depression or small states of apathy and sadness can lead to thoughts about sex.

How long can the lack of sexual appetite last after birth?

Doctors recommend that newborns have a sexual break 6 weeks after birth, just to give the body a chance to recover. Sometimes, however, this period can extend to a few months.

This condition can be extended weeks after birth or even months. In several statistics made on samples of women who had recently given birth it was found that at 3 months after birth:

  • 20% of them did not have or had an extremely small desire for sex;

  • 21% of women had a complete lack of sexual appetite, even an aversion to sexual activity itself.

Why does low libido appear after birth?

Several factors contribute to this condition of women after birth:

  • postpartum physical and mental fatigue through which the mother goes, caused by the permanent care of the baby that can stretch for months;

  • bodily recovery after the torments the woman goes through at birth (at work, at birth);

  • hormonal changes that occur after birth;

  • fear of not experiencing pain at first sexual contact after birth;

  • the physical complexes and the feeling that they are no longer attractive (after birth, most women experience all kinds of bodily problems that put their image in a less favorable light);

  • fear of not getting pregnant again (there is this fear more or less awareness of new mothers).

And the community is helping you, because the moms debated the topic of sex after birth and also highlighted some reasons why sexual desire is reduced. In addition to the ones mentioned above, which they also discussed, they also identified:

  • stress;

  • pain in the perineal area due to episiotomy;

  • the traumas suffered by the genital organs;

  • lack of natural lubrication that can last up to 8-10 weeks;

  • the lack of time.

How to overcome the lack of sexual appetite after birth?

The good news is that this low postpartum low libido is only temporary. With much patience and open communication with the partner, as well as with his / her understanding, the sexual activity of your partner will return to normal in the shortest time.

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