5 secrets for whiter teeth

5 secrets for whiter teeth

White and bright teeth make smiles more beautiful. But as you get older, teeth whitening and staining are inevitable if you do not take the necessary measures to prevent them in time. And food, beverages, smoking or some types of mouth water are factors that can pigment or discolour your teeth. Try to whiten your teeth naturally, with a few "homemade remedies", procedures performed at home or through professional products that are simple and easy to use. Here are some secrets that make your teeth whiter and the smile brighter!

Avoid foods that stain your teeth!

Food is the biggest enemy of white teeth. Many of the foods you consume on a daily basis whiten your teeth - coffee, chocolate, beets, red wine, commercial juices, black tea, berries, etc. Besides the fact that it is a habit that is harmful to your health, smoking also puts its mark on the color of your teeth. They stain and predispose them to caries easier than food.

Eat foods that clean and whiten your teeth!

There are also foods that have the benefit of cleaning and whitening teeth, just by their simple consumption. Apples, carrots, celery and pears are just some of the foods that have this merit. These foods cause the secretion of large amounts of saliva. Saliva has the role of "sweeping" the dyes and food residues on the teeth and preventing their yellowing. In addition, the acid in the saliva contributes to neutralizing the acid in the food, reducing the risk of cavities.

Brush your teeth as often and correctly!

The dentists' recommendation is to brush your teeth after each meal. Only in this way do you prevent the acid and pigments in the food from depositing and stagnating the teeth for a long time and thus increase the risk of staining or their careers. Brush your teeth as often as possible, but be careful to do it correctly. Buy a professional toothbrush and good quality toothpaste. Make sure you reach the toothbrush in all areas of the oral cavity and insist well on the teeth and between them. Proper dental brushing takes about 2 minutes. After brushing, it necessarily uses dental floss to remove the food residue between the teeth. If you cannot use your toothbrush after every meal, then call on temporary "cleaners" - quickly chew gum, eat an apple or other food that immediately cleans your teeth and prevents yellowing of your teeth.

Use professional whitening products for your home!

If you have a healthy tooth, without cavities and other conditions, then teeth whitening can be done at home. All you have to do is buy professional whitening products. These can be found in pharmacies and specialty shops in the form of special kits. Some of the most recommended products include:

  • toothpaste with whitening effect;
  • whitening strips;
  • bleaching gels with peroxide.

Go to the dentist for teeth whitening treatments!

Natural or professional home remedies are not always recommended. If you have dental problems and disorders, wear a dental device or have crowns or other implants, it is advisable to go to the doctor. To avoid moving or damaging the dental work you have, it is advisable to let the dentist do the bleaching, with special treatments and specific precautions. Dentists say that if you have proper oral hygiene and healthy nutrition, the risk of yellowing your teeth is greatly reduced. In addition, regular medical checkups, at least twice a year, keep away from conditions that could cause discoloration and deterioration of teeth. For example, scaling twice a year or at the doctor's recommendation contributes fully to whitening the teeth and preventing illness.

Do you know any other treatments or simple teeth whitening secrets? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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