Come, Come Santa!

Come, Come Santa!

Because today we woke up in a white setting, and the children exclaimed looking out the window: "Mommy, it's winter! Santa comes!" I decided that it is time to announce that Mosul is coming soon for the community too.

Because he is very busy with so many school holidays, he wrote to us that he will come to us on December 14 in the morning and that he will ask us to meet at the Bursuceii Veseli club on Cezar Boliac street, no. 31, sector 3, Bucharest (landmark Piata Alba Iulia) from 10.00, to share our gifts more easily.

As usual, we have many friends who have helped us organize this meeting with community members. Their logos are below and we invite you to click on them.

The fun will be maximum because it is provided by our friends from Zurli.

The food is delicious and home-made by our friends at

The cake will be sublime and is offered by our friend Sweet Ela

The gifts are beautiful and numerous and are offered by our friends from Nivea, Uriage, Milupa, Haribo, Libraria Bastilia and Martipan Creativ.

Santa comes, of course, from

We also have a topic on the forum where you can sign up for the participants list, HERE!

You're welcome!

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