How to make time for yourself when you are a full-time mother

How to make time for yourself when you are a full-time mother

When was the last time you felt like giving anything just to have an hour or two just for yourself? Probably not long, is it?

Day after day passes and you only take care of the child and the house: you make food, you give it to eat, you clean it, you walk it outside, you wash it, you dress it, you play with it etc ... And for you only if you still have time to eat and take a shower.

You gather frustration day by day, and fatigue already accompanies you permanently, maybe even until you are exhausted at times. And, how many times has this bad condition made you less tolerant of the little one and of the other family members?

How many times have you not felt that you have nerves to the ground and this just because you got used to it and you got used to the others with the fact that you can do them all?

Remember that depression can always knock on the door against fatigue. And including other conditions.

So stop, read, think, and make a change. For your sake, for the sake of the child, for the sake of your husband and those around you.

Full-time mothers certainly feel a strong need for a little time for themselves. And there is nothing wrong with wanting this, although many feel guilty for dreaming to stay alone from time to time.

The antidote for feeling guilty is the following: if you spend a little time and for your small pleasures you will feel more relaxed, less frustrated, happier, which will make you a better, more patient mother. And this is more important than any feeling of guilt or anything that someone close to.

That's right, it's easy to talk and hard to put into practice, but with a little effort, you'll succeed. Below you can read some tricks and strategies that can help you make some time for yourself.

1. Analyze your experiences

If you let the rush of life catch you in its wake without even thinking about you, you will feel over the years that you have lived only for others. And even if among those "others" is the most important being in your life, namely your child, it is still important to think about yourself, what you feel. After all, if you are always tired, the child will not see you too often happy, or, in order to have a happy child, you need to be happy.

So, take the time to analyze how you feel, what you would like to change, what brings you joy. This is the point where you have to start doing something for yourself.

2. Learn to ask for help. Enable this

Don't expect those around you to see that you can no longer help and jump for help. Maybe they will never see ... Better give yourself courage and say out loud that you want to have a break from time to time. For example, set a day with your husband for a week when he takes care of the baby and the house at least for a few hours. You need to understand that you also have a full time job, and that you need your time.

3. Leave the work and not done

Even when the baby is asleep trying to get some free time. Even if you work from home, from time to time it is very comforting to put them aside and do something you love: to fall asleep earlier, take a long bath or watch an episode of a favorite series.

That's right, most likely the next day you will also have to do the abandoned things, but the fact that the previous evening you allowed a little break will make you want more.

4. Stop comparing yourself to other moms

If you hear through the park moms who boast that they are constantly taking care of their children or if you only see pictures on social networks with beautiful moments, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the thought that you must do the same or that you must always be at height.

First, you cannot know what it means to some "permanently", and then, in social media people tend to post only what is most beautiful in their lives. Therefore, avoid comparing yourself with other mothers and do not give up the idea of ​​having your free time.

5. Learn to refuse

At least once a few days, I refuse something you do for the sake of others. For example, if a neighbor's child insists on coming to you often, take courage and refuse from time to time. It is enough that it comes eight times a month, so it is not a big deal if you jump again for the ninth time.

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