Christmas Tree Festival 2013

Christmas Tree Festival 2013

Unique Brazilians help educate children

The unique bras, the result of the imagination and creative spirit of the Romanian designers, were presented for the first time at a press conference. The Christmas Tree Festival, a fundraising event that reached its 13th edition, consists of auctioning the trees at a gala to be held on December 5, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest.

During the first 12 editions, the Christmas Tree Festival raised 2,669,100 euros, which were invested in educational support for 16,200 children. Save the Children, in collaboration with general schools in most regions of the country, has organized educational programs consisting of: 42 summer kindergartens, 32 Second Aid centers and 37 School after School programs.

Children represent one of the most vulnerable social categories in Romania. Thus, 52% of the children in our country are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, the highest percentage recorded since Romania's accession to the EU and almost double the European average. And education is not one of the priorities of the families these children belong to.

Thanks to the programs carried out by Salvati Copiii, over 95% of the beneficiary children were enrolled in the first or the preparatory class, 86% of the children passed the exams in the 2012-2013 school year, and 20% of them also obtained prizes at school competitions. . In addition to the social impact these programs have on children, there was also an increase in parents' interest in children's education: 83% of parents expressed an interest in the educational evolution of the child and in participating in parental counseling activities.

Another positive aspect is related to the learning mode and the visible school progress compared to the time of enrollment in the Save the Children programs. Thus, 77% of the children in the School after School program have progressed since enrolling in the program, and 42% of them have good and very good results. For 31% of them, the school situation improved in more than 3 subjects, while 39% showed positive results in 2 subjects. The communication skills were also improved - 55% of the children developed their vocabulary and communication skills. And 62% of the children enrolled in these educational programs reduced their number of absences.

"Without education no child can succeed in life. It is our duty to ensure the access to education of underprivileged children and through the Christmas Tree Festival we try and succeed for 13 years to have new companies and artists dedicated to this cause. for the 2000 children a chance for a better future. We thank all those who have supported us all these years and I am sure that we have shown them that their efforts were not in vain, "said Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save The kids.

This year's edition of the Christmas Tree Festival, held under the concept "CV for the future", aims to raise the necessary funds to continue these programs and to involve as many children as possible. Thus, through the donations they make during the Christmas tree auction, companies and well-off people help to solidify the educational bases of the children's professional future.

Designers who joined this year's event are: Doina Levintza, Wilhelmina Arz & Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Japan, Hamid Nicola Katrib & Noblesse Galleries, Lena Criveanu, Carmen Ormenisan, Stephan Pelger, Madalina Dorobantu, Mirela Diaconu, Malvina Cervenschi, Alexandru Ghildus, Anca Lungu, Ramona Filip , Iris Serban, Rhea Costa, Ego Men's Fashion Concept, Bucharest Design Center, Corina Vladescu & Dumbrava Wonderful Foundation, DIZAINAR, Laura8, ZENYA Atelier & Friends, Agatha Blanck & Bucharest Shopping & Bonpoint.

Designers are the ones who gave free rein to the imagination and lovingly created fir trees that will bring the smile on the faces of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Each of these designers recalled fond memories of Christmas and lovingly embedded them in the fir tree made for the Festival. Whether it is a fir tree made of glass, one that takes the form of a jewel that reminds the owner of the good deed done or one made in a classic style, all the fires have the same story - they are pieces from the designer's soul meant to bring. a splash of joy and smile on the faces of children from underprivileged social media.