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The Romanian children, twice as spoiled as the others

The Romanian children, twice as spoiled as the others

Romania has twice as many hyperactive students, who get bored during the hours, lack motivation and disrupt the courses. Between 12 and 19% of school-age children in Romania are diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit / impulsivity hyperactivity disorder), double compared to the international average. "It's like having a baby again. He is cheerful, but he can be aggressive. If he still has siblings, they may feel marginalized because a hyperactive child needs special attention. Parental nerves are stretched to the max. Their big problem is social integration, ”says Daniel Popescu, Corporate Affairs Romania & South East Europe-Eli Lilly, one of the project sponsors.

Classes I, V and VIII had the most worrying results. The transition from a teacher to a larger number of teachers always upsets the children. This is why teachers will learn how to deal with such students.

According to the statistics made by those involved in the project, it turned out that violence has increased in schools, that there are many students with problems of adaptation to the school culture, bored and have a low motivation for learning. All these irregularities in the behavior of the children can later cause them to resort to isolation. Professor Tiberiu Mircea, president of the Society of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Child and Adolescent in Romania, explains the higher number of children with ADHD syndrome in Romania through the "precarious biological condition of mothers, who have a weaker biological material. There are problems that are related to the genetic side, but also to the biological quality of the nervous system of the mothers ”. He says that among the factors are the unhealthy feeding, "with many E's", of mothers, a consequence found in the former socialist states.

(Roxana Sun, Oana Christmas)
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April 20, 2007