Nexcare range, for the needs of mother and baby

Nexcare range, for the needs of mother and baby

The Nexcare TM range, produced by 3M, includes a variety of products, for many categories of users, from elastic waistbands used both during wetting and after, with reusable gel compresses through cold / hot therapy to bath sponges. and patches of different types.

Nexcare TM Baby Caresse baby sponge

Recommended for delicate baby skin hygiene, flexible and highly absorbent, the Nexcare TM Baby Caresse baby sponge is made from an innovative material and contains no latex, to avoid allergies - tested by Pavia University, Italy.

The sponge is available in two colors - pink and blue - depending on the preferences of the parents, but also to be used for both boys and girls. It is impregnated with body milk especially for babies and is durable and delicate.

Nexcare TM Maternity Support elastic waistband

It supports the abdomen and reduces pain around the spine, providing gentle but firm support for pregnant women to ease back and abdominal discomfort.

Improves posture by stabilizing the abdomen and back. The belt design is patented and supported by scientific studies that prove that there is no negative effect on the heartbeat of the fetus.

The belt is available in two sizes: medium and large. It does not contain latex and is extensible so it fits with the growth of the baby.

Reusable gel pack for breast pain therapy for breastfeeding mothers

Can be used hot or cold.

In the heat, it supports and stimulates the flow of milk, helps to solve the problem of blocked milk, mastitis and numbness of the breasts, which may occur during the lactation period.

In the cold, it helps to heal inflammation and relieve the breast.

The compressor can be mounted in a bra. Dimensions: 17cmx16cm (two pieces / pack)

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